What Is DeepBooru And How To Use It With Automatic1111?


Are you curious about DeepBooru and how to use it with Automatic1111?

DeepBooru is like a smart tool for pictures.

It can make your anime and artwork images look better and help you find them easily.

If you’re not sure what DeepBooru is or how to use it, this article will show you the way. We’ll also talk about some other helpful tools.

So, if you want to make your pictures cooler with the help of AI, let’s begin!

What does Deepbooru mean?

“Deepbooru” is like a blend of two words, “deep” and “booru.” In this context, the word “deep” means deep learning (artificial intelligence).

And, “booru” is a word people use online for websites where you can share and store pictures.

These websites are often about specific themes or topics, and they’re known for their cool tagging systems.

Tags are like labels that help you find the pictures you want.

So, “Deepbooru,” they mean a picture-sharing website that’s super smart because it uses fancy computer tricks, like deep learning, to make it easier for you to find the pictures you like.

What is DeepBooru in Automatic1111?

In Stable Diffusion webui automatic 1111, Deepbooru refers to a system optimized for creating, enhancing, or organizing images, particularly focusing on anime or artwork-related content.

This AI model leverages deep learning techniques to provide users with prompts and descriptions tailored to anime images.

DeepBooru is useful for getting prompt inspiration.

They don’t recreate the exact prompts for an image, but if you upload an image in the img2img tab, and then click on the button ‘Interrogate DeepBooru‘, you will then get a prompt for the image.

The interesting thing about DeepBooru, is that the DeepBooru model is more optimised for giving prompts for anime images.

Key Features of DeepBooru

  1. Image Enhancement: The deep learning algorithms within Deepbooru can be used to enhance the quality of anime images. This is particularly valuable for restoring older or lower-resolution anime artwork, making it more visually appealing.
  2. Efficient Tagging and Searching: Deepbooru leverages the tagging system inherited from the “Booru” concept to make searching for specific anime images a breeze. Users can quickly find content related to their favorite characters, series, or themes.
  3. Img2Prompt Generation: Deepbooru can generate prompts for anime images, aiding creators and enthusiasts in describing and understanding the context of these images. The generated prompts can inspire text-based creations, fanfiction, or just deeper appreciation of the art.
  4. Customized Content: For anime fans with specific tastes, Deepbooru offers a more tailored experience. Users can explore images that align with their preferred styles and themes within the vast realm of anime.

How to use DeepBooru with Automatic1111?

Let’s dive into a step-by-step guide about how to use DeepBooru with Automatic1111 to get prompt of an image.

Step 1: Ensure You Have the Latest Version of Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion

Before using DeepBooru in Automatic1111, it’s important to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the software as it’s only available on the latest version. This ensures that you have access to the latest features and improvements, including the integration of DeepBooru.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Image to Image" Tab and Upload Your Image

Open Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion.

Look for the “Image to Image” tab or section. This is where you’ll upload the image for which you want to generate a prompt. Make sure to choose an anime-style image for the best results, as DeepBooru is optimized for anime images.

Click on the “Upload” or “Choose Image” button, and select the anime image you want to use. After the image is uploaded, it should be displayed in the interface.

Step 3: Press the "Interrogate DeepBooru" Button

Once your anime image is uploaded and displayed in the interface, look for the “Interrogate DeepBooru” button. This button is specifically designed to work with DeepBooru, which is optimized for providing prompts for anime images.

Click on the “Interrogate DeepBooru” button. This action will trigger the DeepBooru model to generate a prompt based on the content and context of the anime image you uploaded.

Step 4: Retrieve Your Prompt

After you’ve clicked the “Interrogate DeepBooru” button, the DeepBooru model will process the image and generate a relevant prompt for it.

The generated prompt will be displayed in the interface. This prompt is intended to inspire text descriptions, captions, or other related content that can complement or describe the anime image.

You can then use this prompt for various purposes, such as generating textual content based on the image, enhancing your understanding of the image’s context, or even for creative endeavors.

How to get exact image prompt from DeepBooru?

Getting the exact prompt for an image with DeepBooru can be challenging, as it generates prompts based on its understanding of the image. However, here are five actionable tips to help you use DeepBooru more effectively and get prompts that closely match the image:

1. Choose High-Quality Images: Use high-resolution and clear anime images when uploading to DeepBooru. The model’s accuracy is greatly influenced by the quality of the image. Images with distinct features and strong visual elements tend to yield more accurate prompts.

2. Provide Additional Context: If the image you’re uploading is particularly complex or features multiple characters or elements, consider providing a brief description or context alongside the image. This additional information can guide DeepBooru in generating a more accurate prompt.

3. Use Clear Subject Matter: Focus on images with a clear and dominant subject matter. DeepBooru may have difficulty with overly cluttered or abstract images. Choosing images with a single, well-defined subject can help it generate more precise prompts.

4. Experiment with Different Images: If you’re not getting the exact prompt you desire, try using different images of the same subject or scene. Different images may trigger varied prompts, and one of them might be closer to the exact description you’re seeking.

5. Refine Generated Prompts: While DeepBooru may not always provide the exact prompt, you can use the generated prompt as a starting point. Refine and customize it to better match the image by adding specific details, descriptions, or keywords that align with what you see in the image.

DeepBooru Alternatives for img2prompt

1. DeepDanBooru

DeepDanBooru, found in the Hugging Face space by hysts, is a fantastic resource for folks who want to harness the power of deep learning and AI in understanding images and generating content.

With this platform, you can effortlessly drop or upload images and set a specific score threshold, which helps you gather image-related details and tags based on the image’s content.

This tool is particularly handy for anyone dealing with heaps of images, as it simplifies the process of tagging and categorizing them, making image organization a breeze.

It’s a user-friendly interface that showcases the innovative AI models available through Hugging Face’s collaborative space.

2. Img2Prompt

Img2Prompt offers a free and user-friendly alternative to Interrogate DeepBooru for generating prompts from Stable Diffusion-generated images.

It’s accessible online, and the best part is you don’t even have to go through the hassle of signing up.

Simply upload your image, and voila, you’ll get your prompt.

3. Replicate

Replicate hosts a handy tool called “img2prompt” designed for use with Stable Diffusion and CLIP models.

It lets you generate text prompts that match your images, making it easier to create similar-looking images.

It’s a nifty resource for AI enthusiasts and creators who want to experiment with AI’s creative potential.


MultiAI’s “Img2prompt” is a nifty tool that’s designed to level up your image-to-text prompt game.

It allows users to create text prompts from images, complete with approximate style descriptions and content details.

With this tool, you can generate prompts that match your visual content, making it easier to recreate similar-looking versions of images or paintings.

Whether you’re an artist looking for creative inspiration or a content creator seeking engaging descriptions, Img2prompt provides a handy solution.

Plus, it’s part of MultiAI’s suite of open-source AI models, offering a wide range of AI capabilities at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, DeepBooru is an exciting fusion of deep learning and the world of image-sharing, optimized especially for anime and artwork enthusiasts.

It’s like having an AI curator for your anime image collection, enhancing, organizing, and providing prompts to inspire your creativity.

While it may not always hit the bullseye in generating the exact prompt you seek, it’s a powerful tool for anyone who wants to dive into the art and culture of anime.

And if you’re looking for alternatives, options like DeepDanBooru, Img2Prompt, Replicate, and MULTI AI can also fuel your imagination and streamline your image-to-text journey.

So, whether you’re a fan, an artist, or simply curious about the potential of AI, DeepBooru and its alternatives offer exciting possibilities in the world of visual storytelling. Dive in, explore, and let your creativity run wild!

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