Does Proctorio Record Your Screen?


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Are you wondering about “Does Proctorio record your screen?”

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Well, fret not! This article is here to be your trusty guide through the maze of screen recording and privacy concerns with Proctorio.

If you’ve ever pondered, “Does Proctorio Record Your Screen?” then stick around, because we’re about to unravel all the mysteries and clear away any confusion you might have.

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What Is Proctorio?

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Understand Proctorio's detection limits and how it keeps online exams fair and secure.

Proctorio is like your online exam watchdog, making sure everything stays fair and square while you’re taking tests.

Picture this: you’re sitting at your laptop, ready to ace that exam, and Proctorio’s right there with you, keeping an eye on things.

It’s all about privacy and integrity, making sure nobody’s peeking at your screen or listening in on your test.

And get this, Proctorio works 24/7, no need to schedule anything, so you can take your exams whenever suits you best.

Plus, it’s super scalable, meaning it can handle big or small institutions alike.

And the best part? Your privacy’s top priority – only the folks approved by your school can access any recordings, and all your data stays safe and sound in trusted data centers.

So, next time you’re gearing up for an online exam, think of Proctorio as your trusty sidekick, making sure everything runs smoothly and fairly.

Does Proctorio Record Your Screen?

Worried about online exams? Find out if Does Proctorio Record Your Screen.

Yes, Proctorio can record what’s happening on your screen during a test, but here’s the catch – it only does if the instructor enables that specific option.

Otherwise, it keeps your screen to itself, no recording involved.

Now, besides your screen, Proctorio can also keep an eye on your webcam and listen to what’s going on with your audio.

But remember, all of this is just to make sure everything’s on the up and up during your exam.

So, as long as your instructor gives the thumbs up, Proctorio might be peeking at your screen, watching you through your webcam, and listening in through your mic.

How Long Does Proctorio Record Your Screen?

Confused about online proctoring? Learn Does Proctorio Record Your Screen.

When you’re using Proctorio, it only starts recording your screen when your exam begins.

That means it’s not snooping on anything else you’re doing before or after your test – it’s all about what’s happening during the exam.

The recording kicks off right after you’ve gone through the pre-check process and agreed to start your exam.

Once you’re done with your test and either submit it or close it down, the recording stops.

So, no need to fret about it capturing any background stuff.

Now, here’s the thing: how long Proctorio holds onto that recording depends on your school’s rules.

They might keep it for a short while, like a week, or they might stick to local laws that say it has to be kept for longer.

But don’t worry, you’ll get the lowdown on how long they’re hanging onto your recording before you even start your exam.

How Often Does Proctorio Record Your Screen?

Worried about surveillance? Understand Does Proctorio Record Your Screen.

Now you might be wondering: Does Proctorio Always Record Your Screen?

Well, Proctorio doesn’t keep an eye on your screen all the time.

Nope, it only records what’s happening on your screen one time, and that’s during your exam.

Before your exam begins, it’s not recording anything at all.

Once you start your test, that’s when it starts keeping track of what’s going on.

So, you can rest easy knowing that Proctorio isn’t watching your screen constantly – just during your exam.

Does Proctorio Record Your Screen And Save It?

Concerned about screen recording? Learn Does Proctorio Record Your Screen.

Yes, Proctorio records your screen and save it.

The recording is stored for a set period determined by your institution’s policy.

This duration can vary, ranging from a week to a longer period mandated by local laws.

You’ll be informed about the specific storage duration during the pre-exam steps within Proctorio.

Proctorio stores the recordings in an encrypted format, and only authorized school officials designated by your institution can access them.

Once the storage period is over, the recordings are deleted according to your institution’s policy.

Does Proctorio Record Your Whole Screen?

Stay informed: Does Proctorio Record Your Screen? Get the answers.

Yes, Proctorio can capture everything happening on your screen during an exam, but only if your teacher allows it.

That means whatever you’re doing on your computer while the test is on, Proctorio sees it all.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. All Your Apps: Whether it’s your exam window or any other program you’ve got running, Proctorio records it. So, if you’re sneaking a peek at something else, it’ll catch that too.
  2. Your Desktop and Taskbar: Even the stuff in the background, like your desktop wallpaper or the icons on your taskbar, gets recorded.
  3. Any Files or Docs: If you’ve got files open outside of the exam window, Proctorio might catch a glimpse of them too, depending on how you’ve got things set up.

What Proctorio Doesn’t Record (Generally):

Your Keystrokes: While the screen captures what’s displayed, it typically doesn’t record what you type on the keyboard. This means your keystrokes and passwords should not be revealed in the recording.

Can Proctorio See Your Screen When Not Taking Test?

Proctorio doesn’t have eyes on your screen when you’re not in the middle of a test.

The recording starts up once you’ve done all the pre-check stuff and agreed to start your exam.

And it stops dead in its tracks the moment you finish your test or close it down.

So, no need to worry about Proctorio peeking at your screen when you’re not in exam mode – it’s all about keeping things fair and secure during your test.

How To Know If Proctorio Is Recording Your Screen?

Concerned about privacy breaches? Learn Does Proctorio Record Your Screen.

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to definitively know in advance if Proctorio will record your screen during an exam.

This is because instructors have control over the settings and can choose whether or not to enable screen recording on a per-exam basis.

However, here are some methods to help you get a good idea of the likelihood of screen recording being used:

1. Check the Course Syllabus or Instructor Announcement:

Look for any mention of Proctorio in your course syllabus or any announcements from your instructor.

These documents often outline the tools required for exams and any specific settings used with Proctorio.

If Proctorio is mentioned but the settings aren’t specified, it’s best to clarify directly with your instructor.

2. Look for Proctorio Pre-Exam Information:

When you start up Proctorio for an exam, it usually guides you through a pre-exam process.

Pay attention to any screens or instructions that mention screen recording being enabled or disabled.

This information can give you a clue about whether your screen will be recorded during the exam.

3. Proctorio User Interface Hints (if applicable):

Sometimes, Proctorio’s user interface might provide hints about screen recording.

For example, if there are options to test your webcam or microphone, it might suggest that screen recording could also be in use.

However, this isn’t a surefire method, as instructors may choose to record audio or video without capturing the screen.

4. Contact Your Instructor:

If you’re still unsure or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructor directly.

They can give you the most accurate information about whether screen recording will be used for your exam.

Privacy And Ethical Considerations

Proctorio’s screen recording can make students feel a bit uneasy about their privacy.

But understanding how it works can help calm some of those worries.

So, as mentioned above Proctorio only records your screen when your exam is happening, and only if your teacher says so.

It doesn’t spy on anything before or after your test.

Still, the thought of everything on your screen being recorded can be a bit much.

If you’re concerned about accidentally showing personal stuff during your exam, that’s totally normal.

Talk to your teacher about it.

They might have other ways to test you or can help ease your worries.

Just remember, you deserve to feel comfy and safe during your exams.


Alright, let’s wrap this up real simple: So, after diving into the ins and outs of “Does Proctorio record your screen?” we’ve learned a lot about how this online exam tool operates.

From understanding when and how Proctorio records your screen to ways you can find out if it’s happening during your exam, we’ve covered it all.

But perhaps most importantly, we’ve touched on the privacy concerns that come along with screen recording and how you can address them with your instructor.

Remember, your comfort and security during exams are essential, and if you ever feel uneasy, don’t hesitate to speak up.

With that said, armed with this knowledge, you can approach your online exams with confidence, knowing you’ve got the information you need to navigate the world of Proctorio.


Q1. Does Proctorio record your screen all the time?

No, Proctorio only records your screen during exams, with your instructor’s permission.

Q2. How long does Proctorio keep the screen recordings?

The duration varies depending on your institution’s policy, ranging from a week to longer periods as per local laws.

Q3. Can I know in advance if Proctorio will record my screen during an exam?

Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed. Your instructor controls the settings and can enable or disable screen recording.

Q4. What if I’m worried about privacy during the exam?

It’s normal to have privacy concerns. Communicate with your instructor about your worries, and they may offer alternatives or address your anxieties.

Q5. Does Proctorio capture keystrokes during screen recording?

Generally, no. While it records screen activity, it typically doesn’t capture keystrokes or passwords.

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