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Can Blackboard Detect AI Writing?

Are you wondering about Can Blackboard detect AI, ChatGPT or any other text generation tool.

As students, we can all relate to that nerve-wracking moment of submitting assignments and worrying that the Blackboard AI detector will spot our mistakes and AI.

So, can Blackboard detect AI writing?

Well, don’t worry because this article will reveal all the truths.

The articles aims to answer the burning question: Can Blackboard detect AI?

We’ll dive into the world of AI assignment and essay generation and how to bypass the Blackboard AI detection.

Blackboard AI Detector Review - Can Blackboard Detect AI?

Blackboard is a learning management system that allows educators to create and deliver online courses.

It does not have a built-in AI detector, but it does offer some tools to help detect plagiarism and cheating, such as SafeAssign and Lockdown Browsers.

Can SafeAssign detect AI-generated content?

Discover the truth: Can Blackboard detect AI? Uncover the answers here!

Not really! While SafeAssign by Blackboard is good at catching regular plagiarism, it gets a bit puzzled with AI writing.

Why? Because AI doesn’t do typical copy-paste stuff that SafeAssign looks for.

So, when someone hands in something written by AI, SafeAssign gets a bit confused.

The AI text might talk about similar stuff as other things, but it’s like a new creation.

SafeAssign can’t find an exact match in its database because the AI text is technically original.

But, here’s the real truth.

Blackboard has integrated Turnitin AI detection tool to detect AI generated content in assignments and essays.

So, let’s dive into Turnitin AI capabilities of detecting AI content.

Can Turnitin Detect AI? Turnitin's Integration With Blackboard

Unveiling the secrets: Can Blackboard spot AI? Get the answers you've been seeking.

Turnitin’s AI detection tool gives a heads-up about how much of the text might be from an AI tool.

It points out the specific parts that seem AI-written in the report.

But, the ultimate call on whether there’s any problem lies with the person checking it, like the teacher or reviewer.

So the answer to the question: Can Blackboard/Turnitin detect AI is a big Yes.

Turnitin’s AI detection system looks for patterns that don’t match how people usually write, figuring out features commonly linked to computer-generated writing.

The system also checks if the text makes sense and flows logically, catching any weird parts that might hint at a computer doing the writing.

It can even understand the meaning and purpose behind the words, catching sentences that sound too fancy or fake.

On top of that, it can find bits of computer code in the text, which is a clue that a machine might be behind it.

Can Blackboard Detect ChatGPT?

Demystifying the question: Can Blackboard identify artificial intelligence? Find out more.

ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that uses natural language processing to generate human-like conversations.

It operates through its Generative Pre-trained Transformer, utilizing specific algorithms to identify patterns within sequences of data.

Students can use ChatGPT to write essays, assignments and to complete their work.

But the question is can Blackboard AI detector (powered by Turnitin) detect ChatGPT.

Certainly, Turnitin can recognize if ChatGPT is utilized.

Turnitin incorporates plagiarism-detection tools, offering professors an overall score indicating how closely submitted work resembles AI-generated content, ranging from 0% to 100%.

But it’s not always perfect.

There are instances where Turnitin may mistakenly flag assignments as “false positives,” identifying human-written text as AI-generated.

To determine if something is AI-generated, one can look for inaccuracies, questionable sources, unusual wording, and more.

Specifically, Turnitin uses technology that assesses patterns and structures to detect AI-generated content.

Can Blackboard Detect Quillbot AI?

Uncover the truth behind the question: Can Blackboard recognize artificial intelligence?

Quillbot is another popular AI tool to generate text.

If you’re using Quillbot for your assignments or essays and the generated text feels like human writen then Blackboard AI detector will not detect it.

However,  if the rephrased text closely resembles the original, it may activate SafeAssign, identifying possible plagiarism.

Can CopyLeaks Detect AI? CopyLeak's Integration With Blackboard

Can Blackboard spot artificial intelligence? Everything you need to know is right here.

In education sector one of the most popular tools to detect AI-generated content is Copyleaks.

And the best part is it takes less than 15 minutes to integrate CopyLeaks with Blackboard without any coding skills.

Teachers and mentors can integrate CopyLeaks into their Blackboard dashboard to check if the work submitted by studend is AI-generated or not.

In general CopyLeaks works in background. And it does not only detect the copy and paste text but also the discussion boards, quizes, essays, assignments and much more.

How accurate is CopyLeaks?

CopyLeaks calims to be accurate 98% of the times.

So if you’re using any AI in your work Blackboard will detect it.

Ethical Implications of Using AI With Blackboard

Using AI with Blackboard as a student can make learning more personalized with custom content, feedback, and analytics.

You can whip up your assignments, essays and homework 10x faster.

However, it brings up important ethical issues like data privacy, fairness in algorithms, and the need for human oversight.

Data privacy is about how Blackboard and its AI partners handle and share personal info from students and teachers.

Algorithmic fairness is about making sure AI suggestions don’t unfairly favor some people over others.

Human oversight means keeping an eye on AI systems to see how they affect students and teachers’ education and well-being.

To do this right, it’s crucial for students to stick to ethical rules and best practices when creating and using AI.

They should also make sure teachers agree to use AI and have a say in how it works, including the chance to question or fix AI decisions that impact them.


In conclusion, the use of AI tools like ChatGPT, Quillbot, and others with Blackboard introduces a mix of advantages and challenges for students.

While these tools can speed up the process of completing assignments and make learning more personalized, there are ethical concerns that need attention.

The integration of Turnitin’s AI detection system with Blackboard provides a way to identify AI-generated content, but it’s not foolproof, as false positives can occur.

CopyLeaks, another tool, claims high accuracy in detecting AI-generated content, adding an extra layer of scrutiny.

However, the ethical implications of using AI with Blackboard, including data privacy and algorithmic fairness, underscore the importance of responsible and transparent practices.

Students need to be aware of these considerations and engage in a dialogue with educators to ensure the ethical use of AI in education.

Ultimately, the coexistence of AI and Blackboard necessitates a balanced approach that harnesses the benefits while addressing ethical concerns through ongoing oversight and collaboration.


Q1. Which AI detector does Blackboard use?

Blackboard uses Turnitin’s AI detection system.

Q2. Can Blackboard detect AI-generated writing?

Yes, Blackboard, through its integration with Turnitin, can identify AI-generated writing by analyzing patterns and structures.

Q3. Can Blackboard detect ChatGPT?

Yes, Blackboard, powered by Turnitin, can recognize the use of ChatGPT by assessing patterns and structures indicative of AI-generated content.

Q4. Can SafeAssign detect AI-generated content?

SafeAssign may struggle to detect AI-generated content as it focuses on typical copy-paste indicators, and AI writing often deviates from such patterns.

Q5. Can Blackboard detect Quillbot?

If the rephrased text closely resembles the original, SafeAssign may detect it. However, Blackboard, integrated with Turnitin and CopyLeaks, adds layers of scrutiny for comprehensive AI detection, including content generated by Quillbot.

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