Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement? – Full Guide!


Discover the truth: Does Proctorio track eye movement during online tests?

Hey there, have you ever found yourself struggling to stay focused during online exams?

With distractions popping up left and right, it can feel like a real challenge to keep your eyes on the screen.

Surprisingly, studies show that most students can only hold their attention for about 8 seconds before they start looking elsewhere.

Now, here’s the big question: Does Proctorio track eye movement?

Like, if you glance away for a moment, does Proctorio see that as cheating?

Well, in this article, we’re going to dive into all of that to clear up any confusion.

So, don’t worry, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have all the answers you need.

What Is Proctorio?

Investigate: Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement during exams?

So, you know how when you’re taking an exam online, it’s important for the teacher to make sure nobody’s cheating?

Well, that’s where Proctorio comes in.

It’s this online service that schools use to keep an eye on students during tests. But how does it work?

Basically, Proctorio uses fancy stuff like artificial intelligence and machine learning to watch what you’re doing on your computer.

Proctorio records your webcam, screen, and even listens to your microphone while you’re taking the test.

It’s not spying on you, though! It’s just looking for anything unusual that might suggest cheating.

Like, if you suddenly start copying and pasting a lot of stuff, or if you open a bunch of new tabs, Proctorio notices that and raises a flag.

And, Proctorio even restricts certain things on your browser, like copy-pasting or opening new tabs, so you can’t sneakily look up answers.

It’s all about making sure the test truly reflects what you know and can do, without any sneaky business going on.

Why Tracking Eye Movement Is Important During Exam?

  1. Detects Cheating Attempts: By keeping an eye on where students are looking, it helps catch any sneaky attempts to cheat, like peeking at notes or searching for answers online.
  2. Ensures Focus and Engagement: Tracking eye movement ensures that students are actually paying attention to the exam and not getting distracted by other things on their computer or around them.
  3. Validates Test Results: It helps make sure that the test results truly reflect the student’s own knowledge and abilities, without any unfair advantages or outside help. It’s like making sure everyone plays by the same rules to keep things fair and square.

Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

Unlock the truth: Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement during online assessments?

So, here’s the scoop on does Proctorio track eye movement?.

The answer is NO. It doesn’t actually do that.

Instead, it relies on something called facial detection to figure out if someone is looking away from their test for too long.

You know when you’re taking a test, and your eyes start wandering around the room?

Well, Proctorio’s facial detection tech notices if you’re doing that for too long.

But here’s the thing: it’s not like it’s tracking your eyes specifically.

It just wants to make sure you’re not cheating by peeking at notes or another screen.

Proctorio’s all about keeping the playing field level and making sure everyone takes the test fair and square.

So, while it might sound a bit sci-fi, it’s really just a way to keep things honest during online exams.

How Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

Proctorio uses facial detection technology to monitor test-takers during online exams.

This technology does not involve facial recognition, which identifies individuals, but rather facial detection, which ensures that a face is present and attentive to the screen.

Facial detection spots faces, recognition identifies them. Think of it as finding a friend in a crowd versus knowing their name.

It checks for the presence of a face in the webcam’s view and by taking your screenshot every 30 seconds.

It can detect if the test-taker is looking away from the screen for an extended period, which might indicate that they are looking at unauthorized materials or devices.

The system may also record the webcam feed for later inspection if live monitoring is not required by the exam administrator.

This allows for a review of the test-taker’s behavior during the exam to ensure that no cheating occurred.

How Often Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

So, here’s the deal with Proctorio: it’s always keeping an eye on you during your online exam.

That facial detection thing?

Yeah, it’s active the whole time, making sure there’s a face looking at the screen.

How often it checks depends on what the school or whoever’s in charge decides.

These settings can vary, but the goal is to maintain a consistent monitoring process to uphold the integrity of the exam environment.

The main idea is to keep things fair by keeping an eye on everyone equally.

How To Avoid Proctorio Eye Movement Detection?

1. Maintain Focus:

This means keeping your attention on the exam questions without letting your mind wander.

Try to stay in the zone and avoid looking away from your screen.

It’s like when you’re watching your favorite show and you’re so into it that you don’t even notice what’s happening around you.

That’s the kind of hyper focus you want to have during your exam.

2. Minimize Distractions:

Imagine you’re trying to concentrate on your exam, but your phone keeps buzzing with notifications, and your little brother is playing loud music in the next room.

It’s hard to stay focused, right?

That’s why it’s important to create a quiet space where you can concentrate without any interruptions.

Close those extra tabs on your computer, put your phone on silent, and let everyone know that you’re busy so they don’t disturb you.

3. Practice Good Posture:

When you’re slouching in your chair while you’re taking your exam.

Your back hurts, your neck feels stiff, and you just can’t seem to focus.

Now, picture yourself sitting up straight with your feet flat on the floor and your computer screen at eye level.

Ah, much better, right? Good posture not only helps you feel more comfortable but also keeps your mind sharp and focused on the task at hand.

4. Use Peripheral Vision:

Sometimes you might need to glance at your notes or materials during the exam, but you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re looking away from your screen.

That’s where peripheral vision comes in handy.

Instead of turning your head or shifting your gaze away, try to sneak a quick peek using your peripheral vision.

Just like trying to check out someone’s outfit without them noticing – subtle and sneaky!

5. Take Breaks Strategically:

Taking breaks during your exam is important to give your brain a rest and prevent burnout.

But you have to be smart about it.

Instead of staring at your screen non-stop for hours on end, take short breaks to relax your eyes and stretch your legs.

Just remember not to overdo it or take too many breaks, or it might raise suspicions.

Think of it like taking a quick breather during a marathon – you need it to recharge, but you don’t want to slow down too much.


So, after looking into how Proctorio keeps an eye on online exams, it’s clear that it’s all about making sure everyone plays fair.

While Proctorio doesn’t track eye movements, it does use facial detection to check if students are paying attention.

By following some simple tips like staying focused, avoiding distractions, sitting up straight, using your side vision, and taking breaks wisely, you can stay on track during your exam.

Remember, the goal is to do your best honestly.

So, whether you’re getting ready for your next online test or just curious about how it all works, I hope these tips help you out.

Keep focused, stay cool, and good luck with your exams.


Q1. Does Proctorio track eye movements during online exams?

No, Proctorio doesn’t specifically track eye movements. Instead, it uses facial detection technology to ensure students are focused on the screen.

Q2. How does Proctorio work to maintain exam integrity?

Proctorio monitors students during exams using facial detection, screen recording, and browser restrictions to detect any suspicious behavior.

Q3. Can I avoid detection by Proctorio during my exam?

Yes, you can minimize the risk of detection by staying focused, minimizing distractions, maintaining good posture, using peripheral vision, and taking breaks strategically.

Q4. What happens if Proctorio detects suspicious behavior during my exam?

Proctorio flags any unusual behavior for review by exam administrators, who may investigate further to ensure exam integrity.

Q5. Is Proctorio’s monitoring process intrusive?

Proctorio’s monitoring aims to maintain exam integrity without invading privacy. It focuses on ensuring fairness and honesty in online assessments.

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