Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? (On Wifi, Network)


Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Find out how Proctorio ensures exam integrity and what it can and can't detect during your online tests.

Online classes are booming, and that means more exams and quizzes taken from home.

Platforms like Proctorio help watch over these tests, but what if you’re worried it can catch you using another phone or tablet?

Uh oh!  Getting caught cheating can be a huge bummer, with serious consequences.

But, listen up – the best way to ace these tests is by studying the exam for real.

This article won’t tell you how to sneak around Proctorio.

Instead, we’ll dive deep into the burning questions: Can Proctorio detect other devices either connected directly or with the same wifi.

So, let’s jump in!

What Is Proctorio?

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Understand Proctorio's detection limits and how it keeps online exams fair and secure.

Proctorio is a tool that helps keep online exams honest and secure.

It has several features like watching students during exams, checking their identity, spotting cheating, and protecting exam content.

Proctorio is designed to be safe and easy to use.

It encrypts exam recordings to keep them private and doesn’t ask for extra personal information.

You can take exams anytime without needing to schedule them, which makes it very flexible.

Proctorio works well for schools of all sizes and needs only a little internet bandwidth, so it’s accessible everywhere.

It also offers help 24/7 every day of the year, so if you have any problems, support is always available.

Schools use Proctorio because it keeps exams secure, respects privacy, and is easy to use, helping to ensure that the exams are fair and valuable.

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices?

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Get insights into Proctorio's device detection and how to prepare your tech for online exams.

Okay, so back to that tricky question: Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices hooked up straight to your laptop?

The answer is YES, to an extent.

Proctorio has a few tricks up its sleeve to detect extra monitors, keyboards, mouse, and even webcams.

Here’s how does proctorio detect other devices:

  • Display detection: Proctorio can access your computer’s graphics card to see how many monitors are connected. This means even if you have a second monitor turned off, Proctorio might still know it’s there.
  • USB device detection: Proctorio can also sniff out additional USB devices like keyboards, mouse, and webcams. This helps prevent students from plugging in a hidden mouse to sneak around the main testing window.
  • Window detection: Proctorio keeps an eye on all the windows open on your computer. If a new window pops up unexpectedly, it might flag it as suspicious activity.

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices On Wifi?

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Learn about the extent of Proctorio’s monitoring capabilities and how to ensure exam compliance.

Now you might be wondering “Can proctorio detect other devices on the same wifi as my laptop?”

Relax, even though Proctorio is a bit of a test-time watchdog, it can’t actually detect other devices connected to the same wifi as your laptop.

And if any device is connected to your laptop via bluetooth Proctorio can’t see it.

See, Proctorio works by installing software on your computer.

This software is kind of like a detective assigned to your laptop only.

It can’t magically reach out and scan your entire wifi network for other devices like a phone or tablet.

So, even if you’re browsing cat videos on your phone next to your laptop while taking a test (not recommended, but hey!), Proctorio wouldn’t be able to detect that separate activity.

However, it’s important to remember that Proctorio can still monitor your computer for suspicious behavior.

So, focus on the test in front of you and avoid multitasking on your laptop itself.

List Of Devices That Proctorio Can Detect

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Explore Proctorio’s tech and get essential tips to navigate your online exams smoothly.

Monitor: Proctorio can use your graphics card to detect how many monitors are connected to your computer.

Laptop: Proctorio is designed for use on laptops and can easily detect if another laptop is connected to your main laptop via HDMI.

External Keyboard: Proctorio can detect additional keyboards connected via USB.

External Mouse: Just like keyboards, external mouse connected via USB can be detected by Proctorio.

External Hard Drive: While not directly impacting the test, external hard drives connected via USB can be flagged by Proctorio.

USB Flash Drive: Similar to external hard drives, USB flash drives can be detected by Proctorio.

Printer: Printers connected via USB can potentially be detected by Proctorio.

Scanner: Scanners connected via USB can also be detected by Proctorio.

Microphone: Additional microphones connected via USB can be flagged by Proctorio.

Speakers: Speakers connected via USB can potentially be detected by Proctorio.

VR Headset: Virtual reality headsets connected via USB can potentially be detected by Proctorio.

Cell Phones & Tablets: Proctorio can detect if a phone or tablet is connected using a datat cable.

Can Proctorio See What Is Opened On Other Devices?

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Discover the truth about Proctorio's monitoring capabilities and how to best prepare for your exams.

Proctorio cannot directly see what’s open on other devices, like your phone or tablet.

This is true even if those devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your laptop, or even plugged straight into it with a cable.

Imagine Proctorio is a guard watching the door to your test room – it can only see what’s happening inside that room (your laptop), not what you’re doing outside (your other devices).

So, relax about those other devices – Proctorio isn’t spying on them!

Tips To Win In A Proctorio Exam

Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Understand Proctorio’s detection abilities and how to ensure your exam setup meets requirements.

1. Prepare Your Space

Make sure your exam area is clean and quiet.

Remove any books, notes, or devices that you won’t need for the exam.

This helps avoid distractions and makes sure you follow Proctorio’s rules.

If you have a messy or noisy background, it might make the system flag your exam for suspicious activity.

So, pick a spot where you can sit comfortably and focus.

2. Check Your Tech

Before the exam, test your computer and internet connection.

Make sure your webcam, microphone, and internet are working well.

Proctorio needs these to monitor your exam.

You can do a test run using Proctorio’s setup test to make sure everything works.

If your tech fails during the exam, it can stress you out and waste valuable time.

3. Know the Rules

Understand what is allowed and what is not during the exam.

Some exams allow calculators or certain notes, while others do not.

Make sure you know these rules ahead of time to avoid breaking them by mistake.

Also, know how Proctorio monitors you, like using your webcam to watch you and checking for other people or devices in the room.

4. Stay Calm and Focused

During the exam, stay calm and focus on your questions.

If you get nervous, take deep breaths to relax. If you panic, you might make mistakes.

Remember, Proctorio is just there to make sure everyone follows the rules, not to scare you.

Keep your eyes on your screen and avoid looking around too much, as this can look suspicious.

5. Have ID Ready

Proctorio often requires you to show your ID to verify your identity.

Have it ready before the exam starts.

This could be a driver’s license, student ID, or passport.

Make sure your ID is valid and that your name and photo are clear.

Showing your ID quickly and clearly can help you start your exam smoothly without delays.


So, Can Proctorio Detect Other Devices? Yes, but only the ones directly connected to your computer, like extra monitors, keyboards, or mouse.

It can’t see other devices on your Wi-Fi or connected by Bluetooth.

The best way to succeed is by studying hard and following the rules.

Make sure your space is quiet and clean, test your tech before the exam, understand the rules, stay calm and focused, and have your ID ready.

By doing these things, you can do your best on your Proctorio exam without worrying about getting caught.


Q1. Can Proctorio detect other devices connected to my computer?

Yes, Proctorio can detect devices like extra monitors, keyboards, and mice connected to your computer.

Q2. Can Proctorio see devices on the same Wi-Fi network?

No, Proctorio cannot detect other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

Q3. What should I do to prepare my exam space?

Make sure your exam area is clean and quiet, removing any unnecessary items to avoid distractions.

Q4. How can I check if my tech is ready for the exam?

Test your computer, webcam, microphone, and internet connection before the exam using Proctorio’s setup test.

Q5. Why do I need my ID for a Proctorio exam?

Proctorio often requires ID to verify your identity before you start the exam, so have a valid ID ready.

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