Synthesia vs HeyGen – Which one is best for you?


Synthesia vs Heygen, two AI-powered video creation platforms.

Are you a video creator with dreams of making content that wows the internet? Do you wanna make videos with high retention rate that glue eyeballs to the screen?

But, You’re faced with a ton of challenges – scripting, editing, and the never-ending quest for inspiration. And you don’t have enough time to do all this stuff alone.

My friend! fear not, because we’ve got a couple of AI heroes on the scene: Synthesia vs HeyGen. These digital dynamos are here to rescue you from the chaos and help you create video magic.

But choosing one of these is kinda difficult. That’s why I’m here. In this article, I’ll be your trusty guide as we compare Synthesia vs HeyGen.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper and see which one aligns with your needs.

I compare tools from A to Z so the article could be little bit long. Thanks for you in advance!

What is synthesia?

Create engaging videos with synthesia.

Synthesia is a game-changing AI video generation platform that turns text into captivating videos in just minutes. With an extensive array of features, it caters to the needs of content creators, making video creation a breeze even for those with little to no experience.

One of its standout features is the ability to provide natural-sounding AI voices in over 120 languages, making your content accessible to a global audience. Synthesia also offers a whopping 140+ AI Avatars to inject personality and diversity into your videos, ensuring engagement and inclusivity.

But that’s not all! Updating your video content is a breeze, and Synthesia seamlessly integrates with various authoring tools, learning management systems, and more. Plus, it’s a cost-effective solution that has helped companies slash their video production costs, save time, and boost engagement.

In a nutshell, Synthesia is the go-to tool for creating professional and engaging videos without breaking the bank or your creative spirit. It’s no wonder it’s trusted by over 50,000 leading companies worldwide. So, whether you’re into training videos, sales enablement, customer service, or marketing, Synthesia has got your back – turning your video dreams into reality, one click at a time.

What is HeyGen?

HeyGen is your ultimate solution for creating compelling videos. Imagine making videos without the hassle of cameras, crews, or the need to convince your cat to play a starring role (they’re notoriously finicky actors). This AI-powered platform transforms your plain old text into dazzling videos faster than you can say, “Action!”

Whether you’re part of a next-generation startup or an established enterprise, Say goodbye to draining your budget on expensive gear or dealing with actors who think they’re Hollywood royalty. HeyGen makes video creation a piece of cake, even if you’re more of a cupcake decorator than a Spielberg.

With HeyGen, you get to pick from a diverse cast of over 100 avatars, from cool cat avatars to sophisticated avatars in sharp suits. And don’t worry about hunting for the perfect voice; HeyGen’s got you covered with a range of voices in over 40 languages. You can even get a custom voice to match your avatar – talk about a dynamic duo!

Whether you’re selling products, telling your brand’s story, or teaching your team how to make the perfect cup of coffee, HeyGen’s got your back. It’s so user-friendly that even your tech-challenged uncle could create videos that’d make Spielberg proud (well, almost).

Oh, and did we mention HeyGen is all about safety? They’re SOC 2 compliant, which means your data is locked up tighter than a bank vault. No worries about your cat videos going viral by accident!

In a nutshell, HeyGen empowers you to produce professional-looking videos at a fraction of the cost and effort, making it a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike.

Build Technology - Synthesia vs HeyGen

What is the build technology of Synthesia and HeyGen?

Synthesia and Heygen are both built on the latest AI technology, making video creation easier and more efficient.

Synthesia uses deep learning for natural language processing and computer vision to create realistic AI avatars that mimic human-like gestures and lip-syncing.

Heygen, on the other hand, employs advanced AI technologies like voice cloning to produce personalized video content.

It’s powered by AI models that can replicate human voices and synchronize them seamlessly with customizable avatars.

These platforms are at the forefront of AI-driven video production, making it incredibly user-friendly to craft engaging videos.

The Verdict

Synthesia stands out here for its lifelike AI avatars and natural language processing, making it the top choice for user-friendly video creation in this matchup.

Key Features - Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia Features

What are the features of Synthesia AI?

AI Avatars & Voices: Synthesia doesn’t just offer a few avatars; it has a virtual army of 150+ AI Avatars at your beck and call. And guess what? They can converse in over 120 languages and accents, making them your go-to global storytelling buddies.

Text-to-speech: No more tediously narrating scripts yourself. With Synthesia’s text-to-speech, you can turn written words into silky-smooth voiceovers in mere minutes. It’s like having your personal voice actor on speed dial.

Custom AI Avatars: Fancy starring in your video masterpiece? Synthesia lets you craft your very own AI Avatar – your digital twin! Now you can be the leading actor, director, and producer all at once.

Gestures (New!): Avatars are no longer static figures; they’ve leveled up with micro-gestures like head nods and raised eyebrows. It’s like they’ve taken a masterclass in body language.

Voice Cloning (New!): Ever wanted to chat with yourself? Synthesia makes it happen. Clone your own voice and sync it with your custom AI Avatar. You’re now the star of your very own twin talk show.

Security (SOC 2 and GDPR Compliant): Synthesia takes data security seriously. It’s SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, ensuring your data stays locked away like a treasure chest on a pirate ship.

Personalized Onboarding: Get your own Customer Success Manager who’ll hold your hand through the setup process. It’s like having a personal tour guide through the world of video creation.

Enterprise-level Scalability: Synthesia grows as you do. Need to ramp up? It’s got features for businesses of all sizes, from startups to industry titans.

MSAs & Security Questionnaires: Synthesia bends over backward to accommodate your procurement needs, with flexible MSAs and a willingness to tackle security questionnaires.

HeyGen Features

What are the features of HeyGen AI?

One Avatar, Endless Possibilities: You won’t believe how HeyGen lets you dress up your avatar for any situation. It’s like having a virtual wardrobe for your digital buddy! Whether you need a casual look or something fancy, HeyGen’s got you covered.

Custom Avatar – HeyGen: Here’s the real game-changer – personalization without a camera! HeyGen’s Custom Avatars are powered by cutting-edge AI, which means you can make videos without stepping in front of the lens. It’s like having your own AI co-host.

Voice Cloning for HeyGen: Now, this is where the magic happens. You can actually give your Custom Avatar your own voice. It’s like having a digital twin who speaks just like you. Imagine the possibilities!

TalkingPhoto Is Happening Now: Ever wanted your photos to talk? HeyGen makes it a reality. Upload a portrait photo, add some text, and voila! Your pictures come alive, and it’s absolutely free for everyone. Your friends won’t believe their eyes (or ears).

Text to Speech Online with AI-Powered Natural Voices: This feature is a game-changer for voiceovers. HeyGen has a vast collection of 300+ voices in over 40 languages. You can create professional voiceover videos without breaking the bank or spending endless hours in the recording booth.

Create Engaging Videos Easily With Talking Avatars: Here’s where HeyGen truly shines. You get to choose from 100+ AI avatars representing various ethnicities, ages, and poses. Just type your script, and your avatar does the rest, complete with perfect lip-syncing. It’s like having your personal spokesperson, and it takes mere minutes!

Eye-Catching Video Templates: Don’t worry if you’re not a video pro. HeyGen’s got over 300 templates to get you started. You can craft attention-grabbing videos in no time. It’s like having a creative assistant who always has your back.

Supercharge Your Workflow With HeyGen’s Zapier Integration: This is where HeyGen gets futuristic. The Zapier integration automates your tasks effortlessly. No coding required! It’s like having a super-efficient digital assistant who takes care of the boring stuff so you can focus on being creative

The Verdict

Both Synthesia and HeyGen offer compelling features, but Synthesia’s wider range of AI avatars, versatile language support, and advanced gestures give it a slight edge in this comparison.

Use Cases - Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia Use Cases

What are the use cases of Synthesia AI?

Learning & Development: Synthesia proves to be a game-changer for learning and development. It allows you to craft training videos that not only educate but also engage your audience. Complex concepts are simplified through visually compelling explanations. The best part? You can keep your training materials current without the hassle of reshooting outdated content.

Sales Enablement: When it comes to sales enablement, Synthesia steps up to the plate. It empowers your sales team with persuasive product training videos that ensure consistent messaging and in-depth product knowledge. Plus, adapting to fast-paced market changes is a breeze with Synthesia’s quick and easy video updates.

Information Security: In the realm of information security, Synthesia shines. It enables the creation of technical training videos that cover security protocols comprehensively. Your team can stay informed about cybersecurity best practices, and you can effortlessly keep your security training content relevant in a constantly evolving landscape.

Customer Service: Synthesia is a boon for customer service. It assists in building a robust knowledge base with informative videos, making it easier for customers to find answers to their queries. Step-by-step troubleshooting guides become a breeze, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Marketing: Synthesia doesn’t disappoint in the marketing arena. It’s your go-to tool for crafting captivating how-to guides and product demonstration videos. These videos are not just informative but also visually appealing, making your products or services stand out. Plus, you can stay agile in your marketing strategy with Synthesia’s rapid video production capabilities.

HeyGen Use Cases

What are the use cases of HeyGen AI?

Explainer & How-To: HeyGen excels at creating explainer and how-to videos. Whether you need to simplify complex ideas or guide users through processes, HeyGen’s AI-powered avatars make it a breeze. Your explanations become engaging and easy to follow.

Marketing: HeyGen is a marketer’s dream. Craft attention-grabbing product releases, updates, and explainer videos that captivate your audience from start to finish. Connect with your viewers, communicate your brand’s value, and drive traffic effortlessly.

Personalized Sales: Elevate your sales game with personalized video content. HeyGen empowers your sales team with tailored video messages that set them up for success. It’s a powerful tool for nurturing leads and driving growth and revenue.

Training & Onboarding: Simplify training and onboarding with HeyGen. Create professional videos without the need for cameras, studios, or actors. Use AI avatars to deliver high-quality content in multiple languages. It’s a game-changer for getting your team up to speed efficiently.

News: Keep your audience informed and engaged with HeyGen. Easily produce news-style videos, complete with AI-generated voice-overs and newscaster avatars. It’s a quick and effective way to share updates and stories.

The Verdict

In the realm of use cases, Synthesia’s versatility across learning, sales, security, customer service, and marketing gives it a slight edge. However, HeyGen excels in explainer videos, marketing, personalized sales content, training, and news updates, catering effectively to specific needs.

Ease of Use - Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia User Interface

Synthesia’s user interface is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. When you log in, you’ll find a clean dashboard with options to create new videos, access your previous projects, and explore tutorials if you need a little help.

Creating a video is as easy as 1-2-3. First, you generate your script. Then, you can customize your video by selecting from a range of AI avatars and voices. It’s like dressing up your characters for a play! Once you’re happy with your choices, you can collaborate with your team and, when everything’s just right, share, download, or embed your video.

The UI is designed to be intuitive, even if you’ve never edited a video before. You won’t need a degree in video production to use it. It’s all about making your life easier and saving you time, so you can focus on creating fantastic content.

HeyGen User Interface

HeyGen’s user interface has its own unique charm. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency. When you hop into HeyGen, you’ll notice a clean and streamlined layout.

Creating a video with HeyGen is a breeze. You have options to choose your avatar, type your scripts, and generate your videos. It’s like having your personal video production assistant right at your fingertips.

One standout feature is the Generative Outfit, where you can customize your avatar’s clothing for any occasion. It’s like picking out an outfit for a virtual party! And if you want to add your voice to your avatar, HeyGen has a voice cloning feature that’s pretty impressive.

The user interface is designed to make video creation a piece of cake, even if you’re new to the game. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, HeyGen’s UI is here to make your video creation journey smooth and enjoyable.

The Verdict

Both Synthesia and HeyGen offer user-friendly interfaces designed for easy video creation, with Synthesia focusing on versatility and straightforwardness, while HeyGen emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Both are strong contenders in this regard.

Limitations & Drawbacks - Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia Limitations

Avatar Customization: While Synthesia offers a variety of avatars, the level of customization may be limited compared to Heygen. Users seeking highly personalized avatars may find it lacking.

Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly interface, Synthesia may still have a learning curve for individuals entirely new to video creation.

Voice Variety: Although it provides multiple AI voices, some users may desire more extensive voice options for a broader range of video content.

HeyGen Limitations

Multilingual Support: Heygen’s multilingual capabilities, while significant, may not match the extensive language support offered by Synthesia.

User Interface: Heygen’s interface, while efficient, may require some time for new users to adapt to its workflow.

Cost: Depending on usage, Heygen’s pricing structure could become costly for users who require a large number of videos or extensive customization.

Integration - Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia Integration

All integrations of Synthesia

Synthesia provides integration options with a variety of tools, such as PowerPoint, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and stock media libraries.

Notably, it offers featured integrations with well-known platforms like Udemy, HubSpot, and WordPress.

These integrations empower users to seamlessly incorporate Synthesia videos into their training, marketing, and educational materials.

HeyGen Integration

What are the integrations of HeyGen

HeyGen introduces a game-changing integration with Zapier, simplifying tasks and saving precious time.

With this integration, HeyGen users can effortlessly connect to over 5,000 other apps available on Zapier, forming a smooth and efficient digital workflow.

What’s great is that it doesn’t require any coding skills, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

This integration truly takes video creation to the next level.

The Verdict

HeyGen takes the lead with its game-changing Zapier integration, offering seamless connectivity to over 5,000 apps, enhancing workflow efficiency. While Synthesia offers notable integrations, HeyGen’s integration capabilities are more extensive and versatile.

Synthesia AI Research (A Plus Point)?

What is the Synthesia AI research?

Synthesia AI Research is leading the way in changing how we create videos using advanced AI. They’ve been doing this since 2017, and their goal is to make video-making super easy for everyone.

They’re working on making artificial people, called ‘AI Avatars,’ that look and act just like real folks in videos. The tricky part is making them look totally real and not weird at all, and they’re doing it by teaching computers to copy all the little details we see in regular videos.

What’s cool is they’re also sharing their discoveries with everyone, like the HumanRF and ActorsHQ datasets. They’re all about doing this the right way, making sure it’s ethical and follows the rules.

With their smart team of AI experts, Synthesia AI Research is changing the future of video-making. If you’re into the latest in AI and video tech, you should definitely keep an eye on them!

Pricing – Synthesia vs HeyGen

Synthesia Pricing

What is the Synthesia Pricing - Synthesia Pricing Plans

Personal Plan: The Personal Plan is designed for individuals and smaller teams. It is priced at $22.50 per month or $270 billed annually. This plan includes features such as 1 seat, 120 video credits per year, the ability to create videos with up to 10 scenes, access to over 90 AI avatars, support for 120+ languages and voices, an AI script assistant, built-in screen recording capabilities, the option to upload images, videos, and music, as well as one Webcam avatar.

Enterprise Plan: This plan is a customizable solution tailored to the specific needs of larger companies. Pricing for this plan is based on the number of seats and usage requirements. It offers advanced features including unlimited minutes of video production, support for up to 50 scenes per video, access to a wider selection of 140+ AI avatars, the same 120+ languages and voices, workspaces for collaboration, priority customer support, built-in screen recording, and the ability to upload media assets like images, videos, and music. It also includes an AI script assistant.

HeyGen Pricing

What is The HeyGen Pricing - Heygen ALl Pricing Plans

Free Plan: The Free Plan is ideal for those looking to explore the platform without immediate cost commitments. This plan is entirely free and includes 1 free credit, support for videos with a maximum duration of 1 minute, 1 seat, access to 120+ avatars, and 300+ voices. Users have the option to add Voice Clone as a paid add-on.

Creator Plan: Creator Plan is priced at $24 per month when billed annually. This plan is designed for individuals and small businesses seeking more video creation capabilities. It includes 15 credits per month, allowing users to produce a moderate volume of content. Videos created can have a maximum duration of 5 minutes. The Creator Plan also offers 1 seat, access to 120+ avatars, premium voices, auto captions, and videos created under this plan are free from watermarks.

Business Plan: This is priced at $72 per month when billed annually. It’s intended for businesses with higher video production needs. The plan includes 30 credits per month, a generous 20-minute maximum duration per video, support for 3 seats, 120+ avatars, premium voices, auto captions, 4K resolution for high-quality videos, a brand kit for branding customization, and priority video processing.

Enterprise Plan: For organizations with more extensive requirements, HeyGen offers Enterprise Plans that can be customized based on usage, seats, and specific features required. These plans provide even greater flexibility and scalability.

The Verdict

In the pricing comparison, HeyGen offers more flexibility with its range of plans, including a free option, and competitive rates for additional features. However, the choice between Synthesia and HeyGen ultimately depends on individual budget constraints and specific feature needs.

Final Thoughts - Which one is best for you?

Synthesia is a powerful AI video generation platform that caters to content creators, offering a wide range of features. It boasts 140+ AI avatars conversing in over 120 languages, making your content accessible globally. It’s cost-effective and trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide, perfect for training, sales, customer service, and marketing videos. It seamlessly integrates with various authoring tools and platforms, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

HeyGen, on the other hand, simplifies video creation with its AI-powered platform. It offers over 100 avatars, voice options in 40+ languages, and the unique ability to make photos talk for free. HeyGen is an excellent choice for individuals and small businesses looking for budget-friendly video solutions. It excels in crafting marketing, explainer, and personalized sales videos with ease.

In summary, Synthesia suits those seeking an all-in-one video creation solution for diverse needs, while HeyGen is ideal for individuals and small businesses looking for a straightforward and cost-effective way to create engaging videos.

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