Pictory vs InVideo – Which is best to empower your videos?


Comparison between Pictory vs InVideo video editing tools.

Are you someone who loves making videos, whether you’re a creative mastermind or just starting out?

Well, I’ve got something exciting for you!

In this article, we’re going to dive into a comparison between two awesome tools: Pictory vs InVideo.

We’ll be looking at all the cool features they offer and how they make the whole video editing process super smooth.

So, if you’re all about creating stunning visuals with Pictory or if you want to explore the editing magic of InVideo, stick with me.

I’m here to help you figure out which one suits your creative style and needs the best!

What is Pictory AI?

Comparison: Pictory vs InVideo - Video Editing Tools

Pictory AI is this amazing online tool that helps folks like you who create content to make really cool videos without a hassle. It’s like magic because it uses computer smarts (AI) to turn your words and stuff into eye-catching videos.

Imagine you’re in a meeting or talking online, and Pictory AI can take the best parts of those chats and make them into short, awesome videos. You know, like those nuggets of wisdom that stand out? It’s super handy for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and places like that.

And guess what? If you’ve got some writing, like a blog post, Pictory can turn that into a video too. No need to be a tech genius; everyone can use it to make their stuff look pro and get more people to see it.

Oh, and they’ve got this cool thing where it adds words at the bottom of the video so you can watch without sound. And you can make those salesy videos too, with pictures, music, and someone talking – they call it a Video Sales Letter.

Pictory AI has friends in high places like Storyblocks, Google, and others. That tells you it’s the real deal. So, if you’re a fancy marketer or just trying things out, Pictory AI is like your best friend for making videos that are a big hit online. It saves you time and gets you awesome results. Cool, right?

What is InVideo?

Exploring Pictory vs InVideo: A Video Editing Software Comparison

Meet InVideo: Your friendly helper to make awesome videos without a sweat! Whether you’re just starting with videos or a pro, InVideo is like your easy button for creating cool stuff.

You don’t need to get tangled up in tech stuff – InVideo keeps it simple with lots of ready templates that fit what you want.

They’ve got over 5000 fancy templates ready to go, and you can give them your own touch super easily. Just one click can make your product pics look great, put in cool images and music, and match it all to your own style.

Plus, they’ve got this smart tech that writes scripts and turns words into cool videos. You do everything in one place, from picking the template to making things move.

Teamwork is a breeze – add voiceovers and work together. InVideo helps you get noticed on social media, make more money, and get things done faster. You pick the plan you like, use their mobile app for making videos anywhere, and they’re there to help 24/7.

Ready to make videos? InVideo’s got your back, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Check them out at and see how making videos just got cooler!

The Verdict

After considering both Pictory AI and InVideo, it’s evident that InVideo offers a more versatile and user-friendly experience with its wide range of templates, smart scripting, and collaborative features. With InVideo, creating impressive videos becomes effortless for both beginners and professionals.

Key Features – Pictory vs InVideo

Let’s dive into the exciting world of features that Pictory vs InVideo offer. And how these tools help you making your video creation process smoother and more efficient.

Pictory Features

Pictory vs InVideo: Evaluating Video Editing Solutions

Efficiency Redefined: Script-to-Video Transformation

Pictory’s AI-driven technology takes your written scripts and transforms them into captivating videos in a matter of minutes. This feature is a dream come true for content creators who want to convey their ideas visually without spending hours on video production.

Engagement Amplified: Blog to Video Conversion

For personal bloggers and companies alike, Pictory offers the ability to convert blog posts into visually striking videos. With an extensive library of over 3 million video clips and images, along with a collection of 15,000 music tracks, your blog content gets a dynamic and engaging makeover.

Simplified Editing: Text-Based Video Editing

Editing videos becomes a breeze with Pictory’s innovative AI-driven text-based editing feature. Say goodbye to complex software – now you can edit your videos by simply inputting text. Trim, enhance, and add captions effortlessly, all while maintaining professional quality.

Highlights that Shine: Create Shareable Highlight Reels

Pictory empowers you to extract the essence of long videos by automatically generating short and impactful highlight reels. Perfect for trailers and social media snippets, these highlight reels boost engagement and captivate your audience’s attention.

Inclusive Communication: Automated Captioning

Reach a wider audience with Pictory’s automatic captioning feature. Enhance accessibility, improve SEO, and cater to viewers who prefer or require captions. Pictory ensures precision in captioning, saving you both time and money.

Precision Summarization: Condense Long Videos

When brevity is key, Pictory’s AI summarization comes to the rescue. Transform lengthy webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings into concise, attention-grabbing summaries. This feature not only saves time but also offers a fresh way to repurpose your content.

InVideo Features

Choosing Between Pictory and InVideo: A Comprehensive Comparison

YouTube Videos Made Easy with AI:

Hey, ever thought about creating YouTube videos that could actually make you some bucks? Well, InVideo’s got your back with its AI-powered YouTube video maker. No rocket science here – it helps you put together those scripts, toss in video clips, add text, background music, and even smooth transitions. You just give it your creative touch using their simple editor. Voila! Videos that’ll have your viewers hooked, minus the headache of learning the ropes.

Slide into Slideshows with AI Magic:

Need to whip up a killer slideshow or presentation in a flash? InVideo’s AI slideshow maker’s got your back! Just throw them a prompt, and their AI works its magic. It scripts things, finds the perfect visuals, slaps on text and some background tunes. Whether it’s for snazzy photo slideshows, showing off your work, hyping products, explaining stuff, or giving a presentation, their AI’s got the tricks up its sleeve.

Chat with AI Avatars:

Imagine having your own talking avatar without the Hollywood-level hassle. InVideo’s AI makes it happen! You can pick one from their avatars or make a custom one. Just feed it a couple of images and either some text or an audio file – and there you have it, your very own talking avatar. It’s like virtual puppetry, and your avatar’s got the script down pat.

AI Writes, You Shine:

Writing scripts can be a drag, right? Well, InVideo’s AI script generator is here to save the day. It crafts scripts that pull folks in, delivers a clear message, and wraps it all up with a compelling call-to-action. And get this – it doesn’t stop at words. It takes those scripts and turns them into videos ready to hit the stage. So, if time’s short and creativity’s running wild, their AI’s got your content sorted.

The Verdict

Pictory impresses with script-to-video efficiency and blog-to-video flair, while InVideo shines with AI-powered YouTube and slideshow prowess. The choice depends on your focus: Pictory for streamlined content transformation, or InVideo for versatile creative features.

Use Cases – Pictory vs InVideo

Pictory and InVideo both are not just a one-size-fits-all solution – they are versatile platforms embraced by a wide range of individuals and teams who are all about crafting engaging videos effortlessly. Check out who’s making the most of Pictory vs inVideo

Who can Use Pictory?

Pictory vs InVideo: Features, Benefits, and Differences

Teams: Collaborative projects get a boost with Pictory, as teams join forces to create compelling videos that capture their audience’s attention.

YouTube Creators: YouTubers seeking to level up their content game turn to Pictory for quick and impactful video creation that keeps their subscribers coming back for more.

Marketers: Marketers know that video content is gold, and Pictory becomes their secret weapon to swiftly create attention-grabbing videos that drive results.

Social Media Managers: Pictory helps social media managers catch eyes in feeds by churning out visually stunning videos perfect for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and beyond.

Agencies: Agencies looking to impress clients with top-notch video campaigns rely on Pictory’s efficient and professional-grade video creation tools.

Bloggers: Bloggers transform their written content into engaging visual narratives, expanding their reach and boosting engagement among their audience.

Course Creators: Those who educate and empower through online courses use Pictory to create captivating video lessons that enhance the learning experience.

Coaches: Coaches seeking to connect with their audience on a deeper level turn to Pictory to craft inspirational videos that resonate.

Vidnami Users: Vidnami enthusiasts seamlessly integrate Pictory into their video creation toolkit, expanding their options and taking their content to new heights.

Who can Use InVideo?

Video Editing Tools Face-Off: Pictory vs InVideo

Content Creators: InVideo is a haven for content creators – bloggers, marketers, and course creators alike. With the AI script generator, crafting compelling scripts with engaging hooks and persuasive CTAs is a breeze. And the best part? It doesn’t stop there; InVideo transforms these scripts into polished, ready-to-publish videos.

YouTube Enthusiasts: If you’re diving into the world of YouTube, InVideo’s AI is your best friend. The AI-driven YouTube video maker streamlines the process, from scripting to adding clips, text, music, and smooth transitions. All that’s left for you is the final touch, ensuring your viewers fall in love with your creations, minus the steep learning curve.

Visual Storytellers: For those who wield the power of visual storytelling, InVideo’s AI Slideshow Maker is a game-changer. A simple prompt sets the magic in motion, resulting in captivating slideshows and presentations. Whether it’s product explainers, photo showcases, or captivating promos, InVideo’s AI has the knack for bringing your stories to life.

Virtual Presenters: InVideo’s AI Talking Avatar is a gift for presenters seeking a lifelike touch without the fuss of traditional video production. With a handful of images and a touch of text or audio, you can create a virtual presenter that delivers your message authentically.

The Verdict

Pictory excels for collaborative teams, marketers, bloggers, and more, offering efficient and engaging video creation. InVideo shines for content creators, YouTube enthusiasts, and visual storytellers, simplifying script-to-video and avatar-driven presentations.

User Interface – Pictory vs InVideo

When it comes to crafting videos hassle-free, the user interface plays a starring role. Pictory and InVideo both aim to make your journey smooth, yet they have distinct flavors in this realm.

Pictory vs InVideo: Which Video Editing Tool Is Right for You?

Pictory’s Path to Simplicity:

Imagine strolling into Pictory’s realm and finding everything neatly laid out. Pictory’s user-friendly interface is like a familiar friend, welcoming both beginners and seasoned creators. Its simplicity is intentional – within thirty minutes of dipping your toes, you’ll be confidently stitching videos together. This welcoming approach resonates with those who value straightforwardness, especially internet publishers seeking to create content efficiently.

Pictory’s Clear-Cut Design:

Pictory’s interface echoes its simplicity – it’s clean and intuitive. Every essential function is within easy reach, and the result is evident: videos that amaze with just a few clicks. This streamlined experience encapsulates Pictory’s commitment to providing a smooth creative journey.

Unveiling the Differences: Pictory vs InVideo Video Editors

InVideo’s Dynamic Playground:

Stepping into InVideo’s world is akin to entering a dynamic playground of possibilities. Its feature-rich interface caters to the creators looking to venture into advanced territories. However, here’s the catch – while you’re on this journey, you might need to pause for tutorials. InVideo is a bit like that intriguing puzzle that might take a bit more effort to solve. Its editor’s array of buttons and options might give some pause, especially those newer to video editing.

InVideo’s Bold Aesthetic:

InVideo’s interface, while comprehensive, does carry a bold presence. The layout isn’t cluttered, but it’s not shy either. This can be both exciting and intimidating, especially for those new to editing. Yet, for those who love exploration and the thrill of mastering new tools, InVideo is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

User Friendly Vibe – Pictory vs InVideo

User-friendliness, the heart of this comparison, echoes in the user experiences. Pictory’s devotees commend its interface’s clarity, with a significant 4.6 out of 5 rating. They testify to the speed at which they produce videos, a true testament to Pictory’s intuitive design.

InVideo enthusiasts, on the other hand, deliver a solid 4.2 out of 5 rating for ease of use. While they appreciate the platform’s approachability, some acknowledge the slight learning curve, especially for those newer to editing. Their journey echoes that of an adventurer stepping into the unknown, embracing both excitement and, occasionally, a touch of complexity.

The Verdict

Pictory’s interface shines with user-friendly simplicity, earning a 4.5 out of 5 rating. InVideo offers a dynamic playground with a bold aesthetic, scoring 4 out of 5. Choose Pictory for ease or InVideo for creativity, based on your interface preference.

Advantages & Limitations – Pictory vs InVideo

Let’s take a closer look at what Pictory and InVideo bring to the table, highlighting their strengths and areas where they might fall short.

Pictory Benefits

Pictory vs InVideo: A Closer Look at Video Editing Choices

✅Ease of Use: Pictory’s user-friendly interface makes video creation a breeze, especially for beginners.

✅Script Transformation: Quickly turn written content into engaging videos with Pictory’s script-to-video feature.

✅SEO Boost: Convert blog posts into captivating summary videos to enhance SEO and reader engagement.

Pictory Limitations

❌Template Range: Pictory’s template selection is more limited compared to InVideo’s offerings.

InVideo Benefits

Deciding Between Pictory and InVideo: A Video Editing Platform Comparison

✅Template Variety: InVideo boasts an extensive library of 5,000+ templates, catering to various video styles and needs.

✅AI Empowerment: Leveraging advanced AI, InVideo generates scripts, curates images, and even crafts lifelike avatars.

✅Abundant Assets: Gain access to a vast collection of over eight million images and videos for enhanced creativity.

InVideo Limitations

❌Learning Curve: InVideo’s array of advanced features may require some learning and tutorials for new users.

❌Template Overload: The abundance of templates could potentially overwhelm newcomers.

The Verdict

Pictory wins with its user-friendly interface and quick script-to-video conversion. InVideo takes the lead in template variety, AI capabilities, and creative assets.

Library Showdown: InVideo Leads the Way

Let’s talk about the stuff you can use to make your videos awesome. Both Pictory and InVideo have things you can use, like pictures, videos, and music. Pictory has three million things you can use, which is pretty cool. But, when it comes to different looks for your videos, Pictory falls behind a bit.

Now, InVideo is the star here. It has over 5,000 different looks you can use for your videos. Think of them like outfits for your videos. There’s a YouTube look, a funny meme look, a business look, and more. And guess what? InVideo doesn’t stop there. If you get InVideo, you also get over eight million pictures and videos to use in your videos. That’s a whole lot more than Pictory gives you.

So, if you want a big collection of things to make your videos super cool, InVideo is the way to go. They have lots of options to make your videos stand out.

Built Technology – Pictory vs InVideo

Pictory and InVideo are built upon advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision technologies.

Pictory’s AI leverages NLP to transform written scripts and blog content into compelling videos, using algorithms to understand and interpret language patterns, creating a visual narrative.

InVideo employs a combination of NLP and Computer Vision to generate scripts, select appropriate images, and even create talking avatars.

NLP enables the platforms to understand and process text, while Computer Vision processes and selects relevant images and videos.

These technologies work seamlessly to automate complex tasks, making video creation accessible and efficient for users, regardless of their technical background, enabling them to focus on content rather than the technicalities.

The Verdict

InVideo shines with over 5,000 diverse templates and a vast library of eight million assets, offering more options for standout videos. In terms of built technology, InVideo’s comprehensive use of NLP and Computer Vision gives it an edge in versatility and creative automation.

Pricing Plans – Pictory vs InVideo

Pictory Pricing

Pictory vs InVideo: Comparing all pricing plans

Free Trial: Start with a free trial, creating three 10-minute video projects each. No credit card required.

Standard Plan: $19/month. Ideal for new creators. Includes one user, 30 videos/month, 10-min text-to-video, 10 hrs transcription, 3 templates, 5,000 music tracks.

Premium Plan: $39/month. Pros and small orgs. One user, 60 videos/month, 20-min text-to-video, 20 hrs transcription, auto voice-over sync, advanced features.

Teams Plan: $99/month. Collaborative teams. Three users, 90 videos/month, 30-min text-to-video, 20 templates, enhanced collaboration, music selection.

InVideo Pricing

Pictory vs InVideo: Comparing pricing plans of both

Free Plan: This plan is perfect for those looking to try out AI video creation. It includes 4 exports per week with the InVideo logo, 10 minutes per week of AI generation, and 10 GB of storage. Ideal for beginners and casual users.

Plus Plan: Geared towards creators starting their video-making journey, the Plus Plan costs $20 per month (billed annually at $240). It provides 60 exports per month, 50 minutes per month of AI generation, 100 GB of storage, and access to iStock’s library of media.

Max Plan: The Max Plan, priced at $48 per month (billed annually at $576), is designed for growing and established creators. It offers unlimited exports, 200 minutes per month of AI generation, 400 GB of storage, and extensive access to iStock’s media collection.

The Verdict

In the realm of video creation, Pictory shines for collaboration with its robust Teams Plan at $99/month. This outperforms InVideo in terms of users, videos, and project length, making it the top choice for seamless teamwork and professional features.

Final Thoughts – Pictory vs InVideo

In the end, comparing Pictory and InVideo shows they’re both great tools for making videos.

They use fancy technology to make video-making easy.

Pictory is super easy for beginners, turning writing into cool videos and even short summaries.

InVideo has lots of different styles and even talking avatars, but it might need a bit of learning.

Pictory is simple and quick, while InVideo has more options and is better if you want to get fancy.

It’s like choosing between easy and fancy.

So, pick Pictory if you want quick and simple, and InVideo if you’re ready for more options and learning.

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