Does Paycor Track Your Location?


Curious about privacy? Does Paycor Track Your Location? Discover the truth about Paycor's location tracking features.

Have you ever wondered, “Does Paycor track your location?”

In this article, we will dive deep into this question and uncover the truth. We all value our privacy, especially when it comes to our jobs.

With more companies using tools like Paycor to manage their HR tasks, it’s natural to be curious about what kind of data these tools collect.

This article will explore whether Paycor tracks your location and what it means for you.

We’ll look at how Paycor works, what features it offers, and if location tracking is one of them.

Stay tuned as we answer this important question in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

What Is Paycor?

Does Paycor Track Your Location? Uncover how Paycor's GPS technology affects you and ways to maintain your privacy.

Paycor is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses, especially smaller ones, manage their human resources (HR) tasks.

It’s more than just a payroll service; it’s an all-in-one system for HR.

Paycor makes it easy to handle many HR processes like bringing new employees on board, keeping track of employee information, processing payroll and taxes, and making sure everything follows the rules.

It also has features for managing benefits, tracking time, and helping employees grow and develop.

In short, Paycor aims to save HR professionals and business leaders time by automating many tasks and providing one central place to manage people and payroll.

Does Paycor Track Your Location?

Does Paycor Track Your Location? Understand Paycor's location tracking and what it means for remote employees.

Yes, Paycor can track your location when you clock in or out.

It does this to make sure you are clocking in from an authorized location, which is especially important for remote employees.

This is an optional feature that employers can choose to turn on or off.

However, there is no requirement for employers to notify employees when location tracking is enabled.

So, it’s a good idea to check with your employer or look at your company handbook to find out if location tracking is being used and what the policy is.

How Does Paycor Track Your Location?

Does Paycor Track Your Location? Dive into how Paycor's GPS tracking works and how to disable it.

Paycor uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology in its mobile app to track your location.

GPS works by using satellites that orbit the Earth.

Your mobile device sends a signal to these satellites, which then send a signal back to your device.

This helps to determine your exact location.

So, when you use the Paycor app to clock in or out, it uses this GPS signal to check where you are.

This helps ensure you are at an authorized location when you start or end your workday.

How To Avoid Paycor Location Tracking?

Does Paycor Track Your Location? Discover the role of GPS in Paycor and how to safeguard your location data.

1. Turn Off Location Services on Your Device

One of the simplest ways to avoid Paycor tracking your location is to turn off the location services on your mobile device. Here’s how you can do it:

  • For iPhone: Go to “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and select “Location Services.” Find the Paycor app and choose “Never” to prevent it from accessing your location.
  • For Android: Go to “Settings,” then “Location,” and select “App Permissions.” Find the Paycor app and switch off location access.

When location services are turned off, the app won’t be able to track your location.

However, remember that some employers might require location tracking for clocking in and out, so you might need to discuss this with your employer.

2. Use a Wi-Fi Connection Instead of Mobile Data

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data can sometimes prevent apps from accurately tracking your location. Here’s why:

Wi-Fi signals are not as precise as GPS signals.

When you’re connected to Wi-Fi, the app might not be able to pinpoint your exact location as accurately as it would with GPS.

You can also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when connected to Wi-Fi. A VPN masks your location by routing your internet connection through a server in a different location.

To set this up, just connect to a Wi-Fi network and, if desired, enable a VPN.

This won’t guarantee that location tracking is completely disabled, but it can make your location less accurate.

3. Check Your Device Settings Regularly

Make it a habit to regularly check your device settings to ensure location services are off for the Paycor app.

Go to your device’s location settings as mentioned in Tip 1 and make sure Paycor does not have access to your location.

Check for updates to the Paycor app. Sometimes updates can reset permissions, so it’s good to check settings after an update.

Review other settings that might give away your location, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning.

By regularly monitoring these settings, you can ensure that the Paycor app remains unable to track your location.

4. Discuss Policies with Your Employer

If you’re concerned about privacy, it’s important to have a conversation with your employer.

Ask your employer if location tracking is a required feature for clocking in and out.

Request to see the company policy regarding location tracking.

This will help you understand when and why location tracking is used.

If location tracking is not essential, ask if there’s an alternative way to clock in and out, such as using a desktop computer or a different method that doesn’t involve location tracking.

Understanding your company’s policies can help you make informed decisions about how to manage location tracking.

5. Log In Using Alternative Methods

If your employer allows it, use alternative methods to log your work hours.

Some companies offer the option to clock in and out using a desktop computer. This method does not use GPS tracking.

Some employers might allow you to fill out a manual timesheet instead of using the mobile app.

If you work at a specific location, see if you can use a stationary clock-in device like a punch clock or a fixed terminal.


In conclusion, “Does Paycor track your location?”

Yes, it can, but only when your employer has enabled this feature.

Paycor uses GPS technology to check where you are when you clock in and out, helping ensure you’re at an authorized location.

This can be important for remote workers.

If you’re concerned about this, you can turn off location services on your device, use Wi-Fi and VPNs, regularly check your settings, talk to your employer about their policies, or use alternative clock-in methods.

Understanding how Paycor works and what your options are can help you take control of your privacy while staying compliant with your company’s requirements.


Q1. Does Paycor track your location?

Yes, Paycor can track your location when you clock in or out if your employer has enabled this feature.

Q2. How does Paycor track your location?

Paycor uses GPS technology in its mobile app to determine your location when you clock in or out.

Q3. Can I turn off location tracking on Paycor?

Yes, you can turn off location services on your device, but you should check with your employer as they may require location tracking.

Q4. Why does Paycor track my location?

Paycor tracks your location to ensure you are clocking in from an authorized location, which is important for remote employees.

Q5. What should I do if I don’t want Paycor to track my location?

You can turn off location services, use Wi-Fi and a VPN, regularly check your device settings, discuss policies with your employer, or use alternative clock-in methods if allowed.

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