Does Norton Family Monitor Text Messages?


Wondering if Norton Family spies on your texts? Discover the truth about "Does Norton Family monitor text messages" now!

Curious if Norton Family keeps an eye on your texts?

Wonder no more! In the digital age, parental concerns about children’s online activities are at an all-time high.

One common question that often arises is, “Does Norton Family monitor text messages?”

This article dives deep into this query, exploring the functionality of Norton Family in safeguarding your child’s digital interactions.

Let’s uncover the truth behind Norton’s capabilities in monitoring text messages to ensure your family’s online safety.

What Is Norton Family?

Dive into the details: Does Norton Family track your text messages as in "Does Norton Family monitor text messages"?

Imagine Norton Family like a friendly helper for parents and their kids in the digital world.

It helps grown-ups keep an eye on what websites kids visit on their phones and computers.

Think of it like training wheels for the internet!

Norton Family can block bad websites or ones that aren’t for kids, kind of like how you might block certain channels on TV.

It can also help set time limits so kids aren’t glued to screens all day.

There’s even a way for parents to see reports of what sites kids visit, so they can talk about things they see online.

It’s all about creating a safe and healthy way for kids to explore the internet, just like you’d want them to explore the playground!

Does Norton Family Monitor Text Messages?

Can Qustodio see incognito mode? Discover how Qustodio works to keep kids safe online.

Norton Family keeps an eye on lots of stuff online, but it doesn’t check text messages.

Nope, it can’t peek at those messages on Android or iPhones.

It’s because of some rules from Google for Android phones that changed things.

Before, Norton could watch over text messages on Android phones, but not anymore.

Even though it can’t read the messages, Norton Family can still tell parents if their kid gets a new text from someone not in their contacts.

It sends a little alert to the parents, but it doesn’t show what the message says.

So, while Norton Family can’t spy on texts, it still helps keep an eye on what’s going on with your kids online!

Does Norton Family Monitor WhatsApp Messages?

Text monitoring alert! Does Norton Family do it? Get the facts about "Does Norton Family monitor text messages."

Now you might be wondering: Does Norton family monitor text messages from WhatsApp?

Nope, it doesn’t. Norton Family can’t keep tabs on WhatsApp messages or any other messages on the app.

It’s like WhatsApp and other messaging apps are invisible to Norton Family.

Even though you might want to know what’s happening on WhatsApp, Norton Family just can’t peek into those messages.

So, if you’re thinking about WhatsApp or any other messaging app, Norton Family won’t be able to help you with that.

Alternative Parental Control Apps To Monitor Text Messages

Get the lowdown: Does Norton Family track your texts with "Does Norton Family monitor text messages"?

1. Qustodio:

Think of Qustodio as a bit of a digital detective.

It can keep an eye on your child’s texts, like who they’re talking to and what kind of words they’re using.

It’s like having a secret decoder ring, but for texts!

Qustodio can also block bad websites and apps, and even set time limits for how long your child can be on their phone each day.

It’s like having a whole toolbox to keep them safe online.

2. Bark:

Here’s an app that works a little differently.

Bark is more like a smoke detector for your child’s phone.

It doesn’t see every single text, but it keeps an eye out for words or phrases that might be risky, like cyberbullying or signs of unhappiness.

If Bark sees something that worries it, it’ll send you a quick alert so you can check in with your child.

It’s like having an extra pair of eyes watching out for them.

3. Net Nanny:

Imagine Net Nanny as a friendly online babysitter.

It can monitor your child’s texts, websites, and even what videos they’re watching.

It can also block anything that isn’t appropriate, kind of like how you might put safety gates around the stairs.

Net Nanny can even set time limits for screens and help you track your child’s location on a map, like a digital leash in case they wander too far online.

4. Kaspersky Safe Kids:

This app is like a superhero for online safety!

Kaspersky can see your child’s texts, block bad stuff, and even limit screen time.

It also lets you see what websites they visit and even track their location.

Plus, it has cool features to help them learn good online habits, kind of like training wheels for the internet.

5. OurPact:

This app is like a teammate for both you and your child.

OurPact lets you set rules together about screen time and websites.

You can even make deals, like agreeing to extra screen time if your child finishes their chores.

OurPact can also monitor texts and block bad stuff, but it focuses on you and your child working together to stay safe online.


So, after exploring various parental control apps, it’s clear that many parents are wondering, “Does Norton Family monitor text messages?”

The answer is no, Norton Family doesn’t keep an eye on text messages.

While it’s a great tool for managing online activities, it doesn’t peek into messages on WhatsApp or other apps.

However, there are other apps like Qustodio, Bark, Net Nanny, Kaspersky Safe Kids, and OurPact that offer different features, including text monitoring.

Each app has its own strengths, whether it’s monitoring texts, blocking inappropriate content, or setting screen time limits.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what works best for your family’s needs and values in keeping your kids safe online.


Q1. Does Norton Family monitor text messages?

No, Norton Family doesn’t monitor text messages.

Q2. Can Norton Family keep track of WhatsApp messages?

No, Norton Family can’t monitor WhatsApp messages or any other messages on the app.

Q3. What parental control apps can monitor text messages?

Apps like Qustodio, Bark, Net Nanny, Kaspersky Safe Kids, and OurPact can monitor text messages.

Q4. What features does Norton Family offer?

Norton Family offers website monitoring, screen time limits, and activity reports, among other features.

Q5. How can parents ensure their child’s safety online?

Parents can use a variety of parental control apps, set guidelines for online behavior, and have open conversations with their children about internet safety.

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