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Worried about online safety? Learn how OurPact can help. Can OurPact See Your Screen? Find out now.

Are you constantly worried about whether your parents are peering over your shoulder, even when you’re just using your phone?

The thought of someone constantly watching your every digital move can be downright unnerving.

But fear not, because you’re in the right place!

This article aims to address the pressing question on your mind: “Can OurPact See Your Screen?”

So, without any more delay, let’s dive right in and uncover the truth behind this concern.

What Is OurPact?

Can OurPact see search history? Learn everything you need to know about OurPact's features and limitations in this comprehensive guide.

OurPact is like your superhero parent sidekick for keeping your kids safe in the digital world.

It’s an app that helps moms and dads like you manage what your kids do on their phones and tablets.

Imagine having a magic button that lets you decide when your kids can use certain apps, browse the internet, or even send text messages.

That’s what OurPact does! It’s like setting up digital rules to make sure your kids are safe and focused on important stuff, like schoolwork or family time.

With OurPact, you can block distracting apps and websites, set time limits for screen time, and even keep track of where your kids are with a special locator feature.

It’s all about giving you peace of mind and helping your family navigate the online world together.

So, if you ever worry about what your kids are doing on their devices, OurPact is here to save the day!

Can OurPact See Your Screen?

Curious about digital monitoring? Can OurPact See Your Screen? Get the facts and stay informed.

Yes, OurPact can indeed see what your child is doing on their screen, but it’s all for your family’s safety.

Through a feature called “View-On-Demand,” parents can check real-time screenshots of what their child is looking at on their device.

This helps parents keep an eye on things and make sure their kids are safe online.

You can set it up to take screenshots automatically at certain times or whenever you want.

But don’t worry, these screenshots are super secure – they’re encrypted, which means they’re scrambled up so only you can see them.

Nobody else, not even the folks at OurPact, can peek at your child’s screenshots.

To use this feature, you’ll need a Premium+ OurPact Subscription and make sure your child’s device is connected to OurPact’s software.

Can OurPact See Your Screen On iPhone?

Take charge of your child's digital safety. Can OurPact See Your Screen? Get the answers you need.

Yes, OurPact can see your screen on iPhone.

But, when it comes to iPhones and OurPact’s View feature, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First off, for OurPact to see what’s happening on your child’s iPhone screen, your child needs to give permission.

This is a safety measure from Apple to protect privacy.

They’ll do this through their OurPact Jr. app by accepting a prompt called “Screen Broadcast.”

This means your child is okay with OurPact taking screenshots of their screen.

But here’s the catch: View can only work on iPhones running iOS 12 or newer.

Also, the screenshots can only happen when your child activates Screen Broadcast from within the OurPact Jr. app.

If you see an “Offline” message in View, it means your child hasn’t turned on Screen Broadcast, so no screenshots can be taken.

That’s basically how it works to keep everyone’s privacy and safety in check!

How Long Does OurPact See Your Screen?

Unlock the secrets of digital monitoring. Can OurPact See Your Screen? Find out and stay in control.

OurPact sees what’s happening on your screen when your parents want it to.

The app can take screenshots automatically, but only if parents set it up that way.

Your parents can choose to have screenshots taken at specific times, like during homework or bedtime, or they can take them whenever they want with just a tap.

It’s all up to them!

So, if you’re wondering how long OurPact sees your screen, it depends on when parents decide to take a peek.

Just remember, it’s all about keeping your family safe online.

Privacy And Ethical Considerations

Find peace of mind in the digital world. Can OurPact See Your Screen? Get the answers you need today.

Privacy is super important because everyone deserves to feel safe and respected, especially when it comes to using phones and tablets.

It can feel really yucky if you think someone is watching everything you do online.

But with OurPact, we’re all about making sure your privacy is protected.

Only your parents or guardians, the people who love you and want to keep you safe, can see what you’re doing on your device.

They use a special feature called “View” to check in on your screen, but don’t worry, they can’t see everything all the time.

They can only take screenshots when they decide to check in, and those screenshots are super secure, so nobody else can see them, not even the folks who made OurPact.

If you ever feel uncomfortable or have questions about privacy, it’s totally okay to talk to your parents or guardians about it.

They’re there to listen and make sure you feel safe online.

How To See Your Child's Screen As Parent?

Protect your child's online privacy. Can OurPact See Your Screen? Discover the truth and stay vigilant.

1. Discuss with Your Child:

Before anything else, it’s important to have a chat with your child about why you want to use the View feature. Let them know it’s all about keeping them safe online.

2. Open Your Parental OurPact App:

Launch the OurPact app on your device and navigate to your child’s profile. You’ll typically find this in the app’s menu or dashboard.

3. Tap the Picture Icon:

Look for the picture icon, usually located to the right of the Family Locator map, and tap on it. This will take you to your child’s screen monitoring settings.

4. Enable View:

Toggle the switch in the top right-hand corner to enable the View feature. This allows you to see your child’s screen activity.

5. Adjust Settings:

Tap on the settings icon, usually represented by a gear or similar symbol. Here, you can fine-tune the View settings.

6. Enable Periodic Views (Optional):

By default, both toggles for Enable View and Periodic Views will be turned on. If you want OurPact to take automated screenshots at regular intervals, keep this toggle on.

7. Set Interval (Optional):

If you’ve enabled Periodic Views, you can choose how often screenshots are taken. The default interval is usually set to 5 minutes, but you can adjust this according to your preferences.

8. Check Your Gallery:

Screenshots taken by OurPact will be loaded into your View Gallery within the app. You can access this gallery to see what your child has been up to.

9. Review and Respond:

Take some time to go through the screenshots in your Gallery. If you notice anything concerning or inappropriate, it’s important to address it with your child and discuss why certain behaviors or content may not be suitable.

10. Categories Feature:

OurPact’s Categories feature scans the screenshots for inappropriate content and flags them for your attention. This makes it easier for you to identify any potential issues quickly.


In wrapping up, this article has thoroughly explored the question “Can OurPact See Your Screen,” shedding light on how parents can keep an eye on what their kids do online while respecting privacy and ethics.

OurPact is a helpful tool for families navigating the internet’s complexities, ensuring their children’s safety.

By having open talks, setting clear rules, and using features like View responsibly, parents can guide their kids to develop good online habits and make smart choices.

OurPact’s main goal is to safeguard families by prioritizing privacy, security, and well-being, offering parents peace of mind and creating a safe digital space for kids to grow.


Q1. What is OurPact?

OurPact is an app that helps parents manage their children’s digital activity on phones and tablets.

Q2. Can OurPact see your screen?

Yes, OurPact can see your child’s screen through a feature called “View,” but it’s only for safety reasons and with parental permission.

Q3. How does OurPact work on iPhones?

OurPact works on iPhones by using a feature called “Screen Broadcast,” where your child grants permission for the app to take screenshots of their screen.

Q4. How long does OurPact see your child’s screen?

OurPact sees your child’s screen as long as parents decide to check in, either by setting up automatic screenshots or taking them manually.

Q5. Is privacy protected with OurPact?

Yes, privacy is a priority with OurPact. Only parents or guardians can see their child’s screen activity, and all screenshots are encrypted for security.

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