Can OurPact See Text Messages? – Latest Guide!


Worried about privacy? Discover if Can OurPact See Text Messages and what it means for your chats.

Imagine you’re texting your friend, sharing every little detail, when suddenly, you realize your parents might be able to see everything you’re saying.

This feeling is absolutely awful, and every kid fears getting caught while texting.

With OurPact installed on your phone, it’s natural to worry and ask, “Can OurPact See Text Messages?”

If this question has been bugging you, you’re in the right place.

This article is here to clear things up.

We’ll dive into how OurPact handles text messages and what you need to know to keep your conversations private.

Stick around, because we’re going to explain everything in simple, easy-to-understand words, just like we’re having a friendly chat.

What Is OurPact?

Can OurPact see search history? Learn everything you need to know about OurPact's features and limitations in this comprehensive guide.

OurPact is a special app that helps parents keep an eye on their kids’ online activities.

It works on both iPhones and Android phones.

With OurPact, parents can control how much time their kids spend on their devices, block certain apps, and even block texting when needed.

It also has a family locator feature, so parents can always know where their kids are.

The app lets parents schedule screen time and make sure that kids are using their devices for good things, like schoolwork, instead of just playing games or chatting all day.

Overall, OurPact is a tool that helps families stay safe and balanced with their screen time.

Can OurPact See Text Messages?

Find out Can OurPact See Text Messages? and what you need to know about OurPact’s features.

So, if you’re worrying about “Can OurPact See Text Messages?” then the answer is No.

OurPact does not see your text messages or SMS, whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone.

While OurPact has many features to help parents manage their child’s digital environment, it cannot access or read the content of your text message conversations.

This means your parents won’t be able to see who you are texting or what you’re saying.

The reason why it does not see text messages is because OurPact really cares about your privacy.

They understand that your messages are personal, and they respect that by not letting anyone, even parents, read them.

This helps keep your private conversations private.

How Does OurPact Treat Test Messaging?

Can OurPact See Text Messages? Understand the full scope of OurPact’s capabilities and privacy settings.

While OurPact can’t see your text messages, it doesn’t mean it can’t put up barriers while you’re texting.

It can actually block you from texting someone completely.

Yes, you heard it right.

OurPact has a special feature to block both iMessage and SMS texting.

1. For iPhones:

If you have the Premium or Premium+ plan, your parents can manage iMessage access by setting App Rules for ‘Messages‘ in your App Rules list.

But if you are on the Free or Plus plan, iMessage blocking isn’t available.

2. For Android phones:

Texting is blocked by default if you’re on the Free or Plus plan.

If you have the Premium or Premium+ plan, your parents can control texting by setting App Rules for ‘Messages‘ in your App Rules list.

Can I Unblock Text Messaging As a Child?

Uncover the truth: Can OurPact See Text Messages? Detailed insights inside.

No, you probably cannot unblock text messaging yourself if your parents have set it up through OurPact.

OurPact is made to be controlled by your parents or guardians, so they are the ones who can change settings like blocking text messages.

If you want to use text messaging, the best thing to do is talk to your parents or guardians.

Explain why you need to text and see if you can make a deal with them.

You could talk about being responsible with texting or agree on specific times when texting is okay.

This way, you show them that you understand their concerns and are willing to follow some rules.

5 Texting Apps That OurPact Can't Block

1. Signal:

Signal is a messaging app that keeps your chats secure with encryption.

You can send text messages, voice notes, images, videos, and other files. You can also make voice and video calls.

You can chat one-on-one or in groups with Signal.

2. LINE:

LINE is a free app for chatting and making calls.

You can send texts, images, videos, and audio messages.

It also lets you make free voice and video calls.

LINE has fun stickers, themes, and games you can buy.

With LINE Out, you can call anyone, even if they don’t use the LINE app.


QKSMS is a simple and open-source messaging app for Android.

It has a clean design that’s easy to use and supports picture messages (MMS).

It works with dual-SIM and multi-SIM phones.

QKSMS is free but has some in-app purchases.

4. KakaoTalk:

KakaoTalk, also known as KaTalk in South Korea, is a messaging app for smartphones.

It’s available on both mobile and desktop.

As of August 2022, it had 53 million monthly active users.

You can use it to send messages, make calls, and share pictures.

5. Anonymous Texting:

Anonymous Text lets you send texts without showing your real number.

You can write messages up to 1,224 characters, use emojis, and even schedule messages to be sent later.

You can send texts to any country without extra cost by including the country code (e.g., +49 for Germany).

This way, you can send anonymous messages anytime and anywhere.


In conclusion, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Can OurPact See Text Messages?” the answer is no.

OurPact cannot read your text messages or see who you are texting.

It does have features to block texting entirely, which your parents can control, but your private conversations remain private.

If you want to discuss texting with your parents, it’s best to have an open and honest conversation.

And remember, there are other messaging apps like Signal and LINE that OurPact can’t block.

We hope this article has helped you understand how OurPact works with text messages. Thanks for reading!


Q1. Can OurPact see text messages?

No, OurPact cannot see or read your text messages on either Android or iPhone.

Q2. Can OurPact block me from texting?

Yes, OurPact can block both iMessage and SMS texting if your parents use this feature.

Q3. Can I unblock text messaging if my parents blocked it with OurPact?

No, only your parents or guardians can change the settings to unblock text messaging.

Q4. Are there any messaging apps that OurPact can’t block?

Yes, apps like Signal, LINE, QKSMS, KakaoTalk, and Anonymous Texting cannot be blocked by OurPact.

Q5. Why does OurPact not read my text messages?

OurPact respects your privacy and does not have the ability to access or read your personal text messages.

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