Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? (Or HDMI Splitter)


Curious about online exam monitoring? Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? Find out in this comprehensive guide!

Are you curious about: Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors?

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to find the answer to this burning question, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

This article is your ultimate guide, diving deep into the world of online exam monitoring.

We’ll explore the capabilities of Examity, from detecting dual monitors to uncovering the secrets behind HDMI splitters.

So, buckle up and get ready for a journey through the intricacies of online exam surveillance.

Let’s unravel the mysteries and find out just how much Examity can really see.

What Is Examity?

Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? Explore the possibilities and limitations of online exam surveillance.

Examity is all about making sure online tests are fair.

Like, they check to make sure people taking tests online are really who they say they are, and that nobody’s cheating.

They use cool tech, like cameras and stuff, to keep an eye on tests from far away and make sure everything’s on the up and up.

You know, making sure nobody’s sneaking a peek at their notes or anything like that.

And get this, now Examity’s teamed up with Meazure Learning.

They’re joining forces to make tests even better for schools and companies, offering up more helpful stuff.

Like, they’re not just about keeping an eye on tests anymore.

They’re all about making the whole testing experience smoother and more reliable.

So, whether you’re a student taking a big exam or a company giving out certifications, they’ve got your back.

Using Second Monitor In Examity

Get the facts straight: Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? Find the answers you seek right here.

Before moving towards our main problem “Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors?” let’s first discuss how can Dual monitors help students.

Imagine during an online exam monitored by Examity, a student has two screens.

On one screen, they have the exam open, while the other screen is for anything else they want, like searching the internet or chatting with friends for answers.

The student can easily switch to the second screen to cheat without getting caught.

They could look up answers online, check notes, or even get help from someone else without anyone knowing.

This two-screen setup makes it super easy for students to cheat and makes it really hard to keep exams fair.

Plus, they could sneakily glance at hidden notes on the second screen while pretending to focus on the exam.

So, using a second monitor during these exams makes it a real challenge to make sure everyone is playing by the rules.

But our question is: Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors?

Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors?

Get clarity on online exam security: Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? Find out now!

So, when we talk about dual monitors, it’s like having two screens connected to one computer or laptop at the same time.

This setup lets you see different things on each screen, kind of like having two TVs side by side.

Now, here’s the thing: Examity, the software used for online exams, can’t really tell if you’ve got dual monitors going on.

Your teacher might ask you to unplug the second monitor or take a look at your webcam to make sure you’re only using one screen.

But Examity itself doesn’t have any special way to spot if you’ve got two screens hooked up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a laptop with an extra monitor, two separate monitors, or anything else – Examity just doesn’t have the ability to detect dual monitors.

Can Examity Detect HMDI Splitter?

Demystify online exam surveillance: Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors? Find out everything you need to know!

Okay, let me explain how HDMI Splitter can make cheating easier first.

So, HDMI is a way to connect stuff like your computer, TV, or DVD player together.

Now, if someone wants to cheat during an online exam, they could use an HDMI splitter.

This device lets you connect multiple screens to one computer or laptop using just one HDMI port.

Now, can Examity detect dual HDMI splitter?.

Well, Examity, the software keeping an eye on online exams, can’t figure out if you’re using an HDMI splitter or any other kind of splitter.

So, if you’re using one to connect your TV or DVD player to your monitor during the exam, you’re in the clear.

Examity won’t even notice it, so you can cheat away without a worry.

Even if you’re using a different cable called DisplayPort, which does the same thing as HDMI but looks different, Examity still can’t spot it.

Some computers even have USB ports that can connect to monitors.

So, students have different ways to hook up two monitors for exams.

But here’s the key thing: Examity can’t catch on to any of these tricks.

So, you’re good to go if you’re using any of these methods to set up your screens for the exam.

Tips For Using Dual Monitors In Examity?

1. Customize Your Layout:

Imagine you have two screens in front of you.

What you want to do is set up your exam on one screen and any permitted resources, like notes or textbooks, on the other screen.

This way, you can easily switch between the exam and your resources without anyone noticing.

It’s like having your notes right next to you while you’re taking the test.

2. Utilize Virtual Desktops:

Virtual desktops are like having different desks on your computer.

You can assign one virtual desk to your exam and another to your resources.

This way, even though you only have one physical screen, it feels like you have separate spaces for your exam and your notes.

It helps keep things organized and makes it easier to switch between them without getting confused.

3. Master Hotkeys and Gestures:

Hotkeys and gestures are secret codes that make your computer do things really quickly.

By learning these, you can switch between your screens with just a tap of your keyboard or a swipe of your mouse.

It’s kinda superpowers that help you move between your exam and your resources in the blink of an eye.

4. Invest in a KVM Switch:

KVM switch is a special tool that lets you control multiple computers or devices with just one set of keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

With a KVM switch, you can switch between your exam setup and your regular computer setup with just a press of a button.

It’s a handy way to keep your exam activities separate from your everyday stuff.

5. Practice Discreet Behavior:

This one is all about acting natural.

Even though you might be using your second screen to peek at your notes or resources, you don’t want to make it obvious.

Keep your movements subtle and your focus on the exam window.

Act as if you’re totally absorbed in the test, even when you’re checking your notes.

This way, you can avoid raising any suspicion.


In conclusion, the question “Can Examity Detect Dual Monitors?” is solved.

While Examity strives to maintain the integrity of online exams through various monitoring techniques, it lacks the ability to specifically detect dual monitor setups.

Whether you’re using multiple screens or clever devices like HDMI splitters, Examity’s surveillance capabilities have limitations

However, it’s essential to remember that academic integrity is paramount.

Regardless of Examity’s detection capabilities, maintaining honesty and ethical behavior during exams is crucial for upholding the integrity of educational assessments.

So, while you may explore various methods to optimize your exam setup, remember to prioritize integrity above all else.


Q1. Can Examity detect dual monitors during an online exam?

No, Examity cannot specifically detect if you’re using dual monitors. It monitors exam sessions but does not have the capability to identify multiple screens.

Q2. Can Examity Detect HDMI Splitter?

No, Examity cannot detect if you’re using an HDMI splitter or any other kind of splitter to connect multiple screens. It focuses on monitoring exam sessions rather than detecting hardware configurations.

Q3. Are there any precautions I should take if I decide to use dual monitors during an Examity-monitored exam?

While Examity may not detect dual monitors, it’s important to prioritize academic integrity. Stay within the bounds of the exam rules and regulations set by your institution to avoid any potential consequences.

Q4. How can I optimize my dual monitor setup for an Examity exam?

You can customize your layout, utilize virtual desktops, master hotkeys and gestures, invest in a KVM switch, and practice discreet behavior to make the most out of your dual monitor setup while ensuring a smooth exam experience.

Q5. Is it ethical to use dual monitors during an Examity exam?

While the technical capabilities of Examity may not detect dual monitors, it’s crucial to uphold ethical standards in academic assessments. Using dual monitors to cheat or gain an unfair advantage undermines the integrity of the exam and violates academic honesty policies.

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