LongShot AI Lifetime Deal – Extra 76% Off New Year Sale!


How to get LongShot AI lifetime deal in 2024?

Curious about the LongShot AI lifetime deal and whether it’s up for grabs or playing hide-and-seek?

Well, you’re in for a treat because this article is here with all the juicy details.

We’ll spill the beans on whether the LongShot AI lifetime deal is currently available, spill more beans on how to snag it if it is, and just for fun, spill a few more beans on the best LongShot AI lifetime deal alternatives in 2024.

So, grab your favorite mug, get comfy, and let’s dive into the world of LongShot AI and its exciting lifetime deal adventure!

What is LongShot AI?

Ever found yourself stuck with a blank screen, struggling to write, and lost in too many open tabs?

LongShot AI is like your content superhero!

It’s the only tool that generates 20x faster SEO-friendly content that your audience loves, all while escaping the stress of writing.

LongShot AI isn’t just a tool; it’s your creative sidekick, your go-to for content help.

No more troubles, no more headaches just easy creativity and optimization.

Wave goodbye to content struggles and welcome a time of easy, fun content creation!

What is LongShot AI Lifetime Deal?

So, the LongShot AI lifetime deal is a super cool discount on software.

Instead of paying every month, you just pay once and get to use the software forever.

You can get this deal for just $79.

A smart way to save money, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

The best part? You still get all the updates, quick customer help, and even sneak peeks at new features.

But here’s the catch make sure the company selling it is solid, or your great deal might not last.

In short, it’s a lifetime pass to LongShot AI

Features of LongShot AI Lifetime Deal

  • Generate SEO-optimized blog articles effortlessly.
  • Extend and rephrase text with a single click.
  • Instantly create FAQs and receive blog synopses.
  • Receive 1000 copy generation credits per month (Total of 50K words/month).
  • Monthly renewal of copy generation credits.
  • Enjoy unlimited topic research credits.
  • Manage an unlimited number of projects simultaneously.
  • Generate ideas, article briefs, and FAQs for blogs.
  • Create comprehensive reports, guides, tutorials, newsletters, essays, and memos.
  • Craft various long-form content with ease.
  • Generate high-converting SEO-optimized headlines.
  • Access fully SEO-optimized articles.
  • Receive insights and synopses on content of any length.
  • Unlimited keyword research capabilities.
  • Make use of the Unstuck tool for added assistance.

How to Get LongShot AI Lifetime Deal In 2024?

There are tens of hundreds of websites available online that are offering LongShot AI lifetime deal.

But what if I told you that the lifetime deal is over.

Yes, you heard me right. LongShot AI lifetime deal was available on dealify but currently it’s not available for some temporary reasons.

However, don’t worry as there is LongShot AI 1 year deal available for just $199 with all the lifetime subscription features.

Boasting a stellar 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, Dealify stands out as the trusted choice among the myriad of websites.

When it comes to making your purchase, trust the platform with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and transparency.

And the best part is that dealify give you 30 days money back guarantee too.

Steps to buy LongShot AI deal from Dealify

How to get longshot ai annual deal?

1. Visit the Dealify LongShot AI Annual deal page:

Open your internet browser and go to the webpage where Dealify is offering the LongShot AI Annual deal.

2. Click on Add to Cart:

Once you’re on the LongShot AI deal page, look for a button or option that says “Add to Cart.” Click on it. This action puts the LongShot AI deal into a virtual shopping cart.

3. Submit your personal information and payment details:

After adding the deal to your cart, you’ll be prompted to provide some information about yourself. This usually includes your name, email address, and sometimes your shipping address. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your payment details, which may involve entering your credit card information.

4. Click on Place Order:

Once you’ve filled in your personal and payment information, look for a button that says “Place Order” or something similar. Clicking on this button confirms your purchase. It tells the website that you’re ready to go ahead and buy the LongShot AI Annual deal.

LongShot AI Lifetime deal alternatives

No problem if you can’t get the LongShot AI lifetime deal.

There are other options available that provide a lifetime deal.

Think of it like this: if one store doesn’t have the toy you want, you can check another store.

Similarly, if LongShot AI doesn’t offer a lifetime deal, you can look at different services that do.

These alternatives might have similar features and a one-time payment option, so you can still get what you need without worrying about a subscription.

1. Shopia Lifetime Deal

How to get Shopia lifetime deal?

Shopia is an AI writing assistant using the powerful GPT-3 model. It creates content for various needs, including SEO-optimized articles.

With 80+ templates, you can make anything from articles to emails. It analyzes top Google results, ensuring your content ranks well.

You can integrate Shopia with over 5000 apps, schedule content, and automate processes.

It’s fast, generating 2500+ word articles in seconds.

Key features include SEO research, competitor insights, and instant content creation with tools for ads, social media, and more.

Shopia is designed for success, providing a range of functions to enhance your content creation process.

You can get access to Shopia lifetime deal for just %98.

2. Lilybank AI Lifetime Deal

How to get Lilybank AI lifetime deal in 2024?

Lilybank AI, an AI-powered platform that delivers unique, plagiarism-free content for your website, emails, advertising, and blogs at ten times the speed of traditional methods.

This versatile tool allows you to focus on your business while generating original content efficiently.

With Lilybank AI, you can create content in over 25 languages, choose from various tones and creativity levels, and even generate AI images and voiceovers.

You can experience a faster, easier, and better way to write code with Lilybank AI Code, utilizing advanced AI technology for predictive and contextually appropriate code suggestions.

You can get access to Lilybank AI lifetime deal for just %99.

3. Content Stack lifetime Deal

How to get Content Stack lifetime deal?

Content Stack is your go-to AI writing assistant for creating top-notch content within seconds.

With your own open AI API key, you can easily pay for the engine and start generating endless content, from blog posts to emails, swiftly and efficiently.

It’s designed for simplicity, seamlessly interacting with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Say goodbye to costly and ineffective writing tools.

Content Stack makes writing 10 times easier and more competitive. Whether you’re an Ebook Writer, Longform Content Writer, or need assistance in any vertical, Content Stack offers versatility with the ability to write in at least 9 languages and access 7+ tones.

With real-time analytics, it’s a user-friendly platform for businesses to create, manage, and track content success, increasing conversions.

Try Content Stack today and elevate your writing skills effortlessly.

You can get access to Content Stack lifetime deal for just %39.

4. Lifetime Deal

How to get lifetime deal? is your go-to solution for effortless content creation.

With just one click, this #1 Article Writer helps you generate tailor-made articles for your blog, digital ads, eCommerce, newsletters, and social media.

Boasting over 70 content generation tools and 1000+ integrations, offers flexibility and efficiency.

Create high-quality content in 30 languages with a user base of over 100,000 professionals

From optimized blog posts to compelling ad copy and product descriptions, is your shortcut to impactful content creation.

Plus, with 1000+ Zapier integrations, automate your creative process effortlessly and focus on delivering content your audience will love.

Try for a hassle-free content creation experience.

You can get access to Texta.AI lifetime deal for just %69.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re eyeing the LongShot AI lifetime deal but find it’s currently unavailable, fret not! There are fantastic alternatives to explore.

Shopia, Lilybank AI, Content Stack, and offer lifetime deals with unique features, making content creation a breeze.

These tools provide flexibility, efficiency, and versatility, catering to various writing needs.

While the LongShot AI lifetime deal may not be accessible at the moment, you can still enjoy the perks of lifetime subscriptions with these alternatives, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective content creation journey.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your writing skills and save big, explore these alternatives today!


Q1. Is the LongShot AI lifetime deal currently available?

Dive into the article to find out the current status of the LongShot AI lifetime deal and whether it’s ready for the taking.

Q2. How can I get the LongShot AI deal in 2024?

Discover the step-by-step guide on acquiring the LongShot AI deal this year, ensuring you’re in the loop for all the content creation goodness.

Q3. What if LongShot AI lifetime deal is not an option?

Explore the article for a bonus section on the best alternatives to the LongShot AI lifetime deal, offering you other fantastic options for your content creation journey.

Q4. Tell me more about the alternatives mentioned in the article.

Get the scoop on Shopia, Lilybank AI, Content Stack, and – each offering unique features and a lifetime deal that might just be your perfect fit.

Q5. Is there a money-back guarantee for the recommended platforms?

Learn about Dealify, the platform recommended for your LongShot AI purchase, and its 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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