How To Bypass Parental Controls On Android/iPhone?


Ever wondered How To Bypass Parental Controls? This guide provides foolproof methods for Android and iPhone.

Ever wondered “How To Bypass Parental Controls?” and found yourself stuck without a clue?

You’re in the right place!

This article is going to show you some foolproof methods to get past those tricky parental controls, no matter which app your parents are using to keep an eye on you.

So, if you’re ready to unlock your phone’s full potential, stick with us to the end and discover the secrets to freedom!

What Are Parental Controls?

Want to know How To Bypass Parental Controls? Our guide has detailed steps to help you get around limits.

Parental controls are settings on your iPhone that your parents can use to limit what you can do on your phone.

These controls can block certain apps, restrict websites, limit screen time, and stop you from buying things online without permission.

Think of it like your parents setting rules for your phone, just like they might set rules for bedtime or homework.

These controls help parents make sure you’re safe and not spending too much time on your phone or seeing things you shouldn’t.

It’s like having a digital babysitter that makes sure you’re using your phone in a way that’s okay with them.

Benefits Of Bypassing Parental Controls

Unlock your phone's potential! Learn How To Bypass Parental Controls? for both Android and iPhone.
  • More Freedom: You can use your phone without any limits. This means you can access any app or website you want whenever you like.
  • Unlimited Screen Time: No more restrictions on how long you can use your phone. You can play games, watch videos, and chat with friends as much as you want.
  • Access to All Content: You can see and use everything on the internet, even if it was blocked before. This includes cool new apps, games, and websites.
  • No More Approval for Purchases: You can download and buy apps or games without needing your parents’ permission each time.
  • Less Annoying Restrictions: You won’t get interrupted by annoying limits or blocks when you’re in the middle of doing something fun or important.

How To Bypass Parental Controls?

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Let’s dive a little bit deeper to understand how to bypass parental controls on android and iphone.

1. How To Bypass Parental Controls on Android

Bypassing parental controls on Android can be a bit tricky, but here are some ways you can try:

A. Using Guest Mode or a New User Profile

Open Settings: Go to the settings app on your phone.

Users & Accounts: Find the “Users” or “Users & Accounts” section.

Add User or Guest: Choose “Add User” or “Guest.” This will create a new profile without any restrictions.

Switch to New User: Switch to this new user profile. This should give you more freedom as it won’t have the parental controls set by your parents.

B. Resetting the Phone

Backup Data: First, make sure to back up any important data like photos, contacts, and apps.

Factory Reset: Go to settings, then “System” or “General Management,” and find the option for “Reset” or “Factory Data Reset.”

Erase Everything: Choose the option to erase all data. This will remove all parental controls but also everything else on the phone, so be careful with this step.

C. Using Safe Mode

Restart in Safe Mode: Press and hold the power button until you see the power off option. Then press and hold “Power Off” until it changes to “Safe Mode.”

Disable Restrictions: Safe mode disables third-party apps. If the parental control app is a third-party app, it won’t run in safe mode. You can then go to settings and disable or uninstall it.

D. Using a VPN

Download a VPN: Go to the Google Play Store and download a free VPN app like “ProtonVPN” or “TunnelBear.”

Set Up VPN: Open the VPN app and follow the setup instructions.

Browse Freely: Once the VPN is active, it can help bypass restrictions set by your parents, allowing you to access blocked websites and apps.

2. How To Bypass Parental Controls on iPhone

Bypassing parental controls on an iPhone is also possible, but it requires a few different steps:

A. Changing Screen Time Passcode

Guess the Passcode: Sometimes, parents use easy-to-guess passcodes like birthdays or simple sequences. Try guessing the passcode first.

Forgot Passcode: If you can’t guess it, go to “Settings,” then “Screen Time,” and tap on “Change Screen Time Passcode.” If you know the Apple ID and password your parents used, you can reset it.

C. Using Safari’s Private Browsing Mode

Open Safari: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone.

Enter Private Mode: Tap the tabs icon (two overlapping squares) at the bottom right, then tap “Private” to enter Private Browsing Mode.

Browse Anonymously: In this mode, your browsing history isn’t saved, and some restrictions might be bypassed.

D. Factory Reset the iPhone

If you want to factory reset your iPhone to bypass parental controls, first, make sure you back up any important stuff like photos, contacts, and apps.

Then, go to “Settings,” tap on “General,” and find the “Reset” option.

Choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”

This step will remove all the parental controls, but be careful because it will also delete everything else on your phone.

F. Use a Different Apple ID

Log Out: Go to “Settings,” tap your name at the top, and scroll down to “Sign Out.”

Create New Apple ID: Choose to create a new Apple ID or log in with a different one that doesn’t have parental controls set up.

Log In: Use this new Apple ID to log in. This will give you more freedom as the new ID won’t have the same restrictions.

Consequences Of Bypassing Parental Controls

1. Getting in Trouble:

If your parents find out that you’ve bypassed their rules, you could face serious consequences.

They might take away your phone completely, which means no games, no chatting with friends, and no internet.

They could also set even stricter rules or other punishments, like grounding you or taking away other privileges.

2. Less Trust:

Trust is super important in any relationship, especially with your parents.

If they find out you’ve gone behind their backs to bypass the controls, they might not trust you as much anymore.

This could mean they start checking your phone more often, asking more questions, or being more strict about other things.

It’s hard to rebuild trust once it’s broken.

3. Exposure to Inappropriate Content:

Parental controls help keep you safe from things that aren’t appropriate for your age.

Without these controls, you might accidentally see violent or adult content that can be really scary or disturbing.

These things are not meant for kids and can be harmful to your mind and feelings.

4. Increased Screen Time:

Without time limits, it’s easy to spend too much time on your phone.

You might stay up too late playing games or watching videos, which can make you really tired and cranky the next day.

Too much screen time can also make it hard to focus on schoolwork, and you might start to ignore your family and friends, which can hurt your relationships with them.

5. Security Risks:

Sometimes, to bypass controls, you might need to download apps or visit websites that aren’t safe.

These can have viruses that can mess up your phone or even let hackers steal your personal information.

This can be really dangerous and might even lead to more problems, like identity theft, where someone uses your personal info without your permission.


In conclusion, if you’ve ever wondered “How To Bypass Parental Controls?” this article has shown you several methods for both Android and iPhone devices.

While bypassing these controls might seem like a quick way to get more freedom, it’s important to think about the possible consequences, like getting in trouble, losing trust, or facing security risks.

Always consider talking to your parents about why you want fewer restrictions.

It’s better to have an open conversation than to risk the problems that come with bypassing parental controls.

Remember, your safety and trust with your parents are very important!


Q1: What are parental controls?

A: Parental controls are settings that limit what you can do on your phone to keep you safe and manage your screen time.

Q2: Can I bypass parental controls on both Android and iPhone?

A: Yes, you can bypass parental controls on both Android and iPhone using various methods explained in this article.

Q3: Is it safe to bypass parental controls?

A: Bypassing controls can expose you to security risks and inappropriate content, and it can also lead to getting in trouble with your parents.

Q4: Will my parents find out if I bypass the controls?

A: They might. If they do, you could face serious consequences and lose their trust.

Q5: What should I do if I feel my parents’ controls are too strict?

A: It’s best to talk to your parents about why you feel the restrictions are too strict and try to find a compromise.

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