Does Moodle Record Your Screen?


Unravel the mystery behind Moodle's screen recording capabilities! Discover if "Does Moodle Record Your Screen" in our comprehensive guide.

“Does Moodle Record Your Screen?”

It’s a question buzzing around the minds of students and teachers who rely on this e-learning platform.

Well, in this article, we’re diving deep into the world of Moodle to see if it can indeed record your screen during quizzes or exams.

Plus, we’ll explore how instructors can use it to make their lectures clearer with screen recordings.

We’re going to break down all the ins and outs of Moodle’s features and show you practical ways it can be used in education.

So, come along as we unravel the secrets of Moodle’s screen recording abilities, making it easier for both educators and students to understand.

What Is Moodle?

Worried About AI Cheating? Can Moodle Detect ChatGPT? Discover how Moodle with plugins like can identify AI content and safeguard online education.

Moodle is like a digital classroom that lots of schools and companies use to teach online.

It helps teachers share lessons, talk to students, and organize everything they need for learning.

In Moodle, you can use some programs like Camtasia or Kaltura that lets teachers record what’s happening on their screens.

Teachers can then put those recordings on Moodle for students to watch.

Also, Moodle lets you record your voice straight on the platform, which is handy for making quick audio clips to add to your lessons.

So, let’s go ahead and briefly discuss “Does Moodle Record Your Screen?” or “How To Record Screen In Moodle?”

Does Moodle Record Your Screen?

Discover the truth behind Moodle's screen recording capabilities. Learn if "Does Moodle Record Your Screen" and stay ahead in the online education game.

So, let’s tackle the burning question: Does Moodle record your screen?

The plain and simple answer? Nope, it can’t.

When you’re sweating through a quiz or exam on Moodle, it’s not secretly filming your every move like some sort of digital detective.

Instead, every 30 seconds, it’s more like, “Say cheese!” by snapping a quick picture of you through your webcam to show your instructor that you’re still there, hopefully not falling asleep at your desk.

But here’s the kicker: it’s only capturing your face, not your screen shenanigans.

So, if you’ve got a million tabs open, trying to cheat your way through the test, Moodle’s none the wiser.

It’s like a cool teacher who trusts you to do the right thing but doesn’t have eyes in the back of its digital head.

Why? Well, because Moodle simply doesn’t have the built in functionality to record everything happening on your screen.

So, while it’s got your back in some ways, it’s not quite at the level of becoming your personal screen surveillance system.

Does Moodle Record Your Screen In Phone?

Get the facts straight: Does Moodle Record Your Screen? Learn everything you need to know about Moodle's screen recording functionality.

So here’s the deal with screen recording on your phone using Moodle.

Unfortunately, Moodle doesn’t have a built-in feature for screen recording directly on mobile devices.

But, don’t lose hope just yet! Let’s break it down.

If you’re using an iPhone, the WebkitRTC video tool in Moodle won’t work for you. Bummer, right?

But if you’re team Android, you’re in luck! That same tool works just fine on Android phones, so you can still record videos and share them with your students.

So, while Moodle might not have everything you need for screen recording on your phone, there are still ways to make it work, especially if you’ve got an Android device handy.

Can You Record Your Screen On Moodle?

Absolutely! If you’re the instructor, you’ve got the power to hit that record button and make some magic happen on Moodle.

Imagine you’re teaching a complex concept, and you want your students to really get it.

So, you fire up your screen recording tool, maybe it’s Camtasia or another favorite, and you start explaining away.

You’re walking through examples, sharing insights, and basically being the educational superhero your students need.

Once you’re done recording your lecture, you can easily upload it to Moodle for your eager learners to watch at their own pace.

But wait, there’s more! You can even go live, sharing your screen in real-time during a virtual class, complete with your voice guiding them through the lesson.

So, whether you’re pre-recording lessons or going live, Moodle allows you to make sure your students don’t miss a beat.

How To Record Your Screen On Moodle?

Uncover the truth about Moodle's screen recording capabilities with our expert insights. Learn if "Does Moodle Record Your Screen" today!

Recording Video in Moodle: Moodle offers a neat tool called the RecordRTC plugin. It’s right there in the text editor, waiting for you to click and start recording. Whether you’re sharing your screen, your voice, or both, it’s as easy as pie. Once you’re done, just share your video with your students, and you’re good to go!

Using External Tools for Video Recording: If you’re more of a Camtasia or Kaltura fan, don’t worry, Moodle’s got you covered there too. Just use these external tools to record your screen, save the video files, and then upload them to Moodle. It’s like adding a sprinkle of magic to your course content! You can also integrate these tool with Moodle to go live in your class.

Recording Audio in Moodle: Need to get your point across with just your voice? No problemo! Inside Moodle, you’ll find these handy buttons in the editing box toolbar. Just hit record, speak your piece for up to five minutes, and voila! You’ve got yourself an audio clip ready to share with your students.

Compatibility Note for Audio Recording:

While the audio recording feature works like a charm in Chrome and Firefox, Safari might throw a wrench in the works. So, if you’re a Safari user, you might want to consider switching browsers for this one. But, with these tools and tricks, you’ll be the Moodle recording maestro in no time!


In conclusion, while the burning question “Does Moodle record your screen?” may have a simple answer of “no,” the capabilities of this e-learning platform extend far beyond mere surveillance.

Instead, Moodle empowers instructors to enhance their teaching through various recording options, from video tutorials to audio explanations.

By utilizing tools like the RecordRTC plugin or external software such as Camtasia and Kaltura, educators can create engaging content tailored to their students’ needs.

Whether pre-recording lessons or conducting live classes, Moodle provides a versatile platform for delivering high-quality educational experiences.

So, while Moodle may not be your personal screen watchdog, it certainly equips educators with the tools to captivate and educate their students effectively.


Q1. Does Moodle record your screen during quizzes?

No, Moodle does not have built-in functionality to record your screen during quizzes or exams.

Q2. Can instructors record their screen on Moodle?

Yes, instructors can record their screen using external tools like Camtasia or Kaltura and then upload the recordings to Moodle.

Q3. How can I record audio in Moodle?

You can record audio directly within Moodle using the built-in recording buttons available in the editing box toolbar.

Q4. Is there a time limit for recording audio in Moodle?

Yes, audio clips in Moodle are limited to five minutes in length.

Q5. What browsers support audio recording in Moodle?

The audio recording feature works well in Chrome and Firefox but may encounter issues in Safari.

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