Does Hireright Call Previous Employers To Verify Employment?


Uncover the truth: Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Decode the background check process.

Landed your dream job? Congrats!

But wait… is there a background check lurking around the corner?

Background checks can feel super stressful, especially when a company like HireRight is involved.

You might be wondering, “Does HireRight call previous employers?

Will they tell my new boss everything?”

Hold on, take a deep breath!

Let’s break down exactly what HireRight does and how they verify your employment history.

We’ll clear up the confusion and make sure your background check goes smoothly.

What Is Hireright?

Empower your job search: Learn Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Stay ahead in your career journey.

So, we talked about background checks, but what exactly is HireRight?

Imagine HireRight as a super-sleuth for employers.

They specialize in researching your background to make sure the information you provided on your resume is accurate.

They do this by checking things like your employment history, education, and sometimes even criminal records.

Think of it as a double-check for the employer to make sure you’re a good fit for the job.

But here’s the key thing: HireRight isn’t there to judge you or dig up dirt.

Their job is simply to verify the facts.

So, while a background check might sound scary, it’s actually a normal part of the hiring process for many companies.

Does Hireright Call Previous Employers?

Elevate your job application: Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Unveil the secrets behind your background check.

Now onto the burning question: Does HireRight call your previous employers?

So, whether HireRight calls your old bosses or not isn’t a simple yes or no.

See, there are different kinds of background checks.

Some just make sure you really worked where you said you did and that your job title matches up.

Others go deeper and check things like how much money you made or even talk to the people you put down as references.

Now, which kind of check they do depends on what your new boss wants.

Some bosses want HireRight to call all your old jobs, while others are okay with just checking the basics.

So, the bottom line is, it’s possible they might call your old bosses, but it depends on what your new boss wants and what kind of background check they ask for.

But hey, don’t stress!

We’ll go over exactly what HireRight checks and how you can be ready for it in the next part.

How Does HireRight Verify Employment?

Boost your employability: Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Gain clarity on your background check.

Alright, so HireRight might call your old boss, but how exactly do they verify your employment history? Here’s the breakdown:

1. Checking Your Info:

HireRight starts by looking closely at what you wrote on your resume and job application.

They compare things like your job titles, when you started and ended each job, and the names of the companies you worked for.

2. Using Tech for Big Companies:

If you worked for a big company that uses fancy online systems, HireRight might use those to check your job history.

They can tap into databases linked to the company’s HR systems, which helps them confirm your details quickly.

3. Making Calls:

For smaller companies or when online checks aren’t an option, HireRight might pick up the phone.

They’ll usually call the HR department of your old job.

Sometimes, they might even chat with your old boss.

But remember, their main focus is just to confirm basic stuff like your job title and when you worked there.

They’re not digging into why you left or how you performed.

What Information Does HireRight Verify?

Find your dream job: Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Ensure a smooth journey to employment.

While making sure your work history checks out is a big part of what HireRight does, they also cover other important areas depending on what your new employer wants.

One big thing they verify is your education.

So, if you said you graduated with a degree in marketing, HireRight might contact your school to confirm that you really did.

They’ll check when you started and when you finished.

Another thing they look into is licenses.

Some jobs need specific licenses, like if you’re a nurse or a plumber.

HireRight can make sure these licenses are legit by reaching out to the right licensing agency.

Now, onto something serious: criminal records.

Depending on the job and the rules where you live, they might search for any criminal history you might have.

But don’t worry, they’re usually looking for important stuff, not just little things like traffic tickets.

Tips for a Smooth HireRight Background Check

Get the job you deserve: Does HireRight Call Previous Employers? Stay informed, stay confident.

1. Keep Your Info Straight:

Make sure all the details you give on your job application and resume are accurate.

Double-check things like your job titles, dates of employment, and company names.

If you’re not sure about something, it’s better to find out and fix it before HireRight starts checking.

2. Be Honest About Your Past:

If there’s something in your work history that might raise questions, like a gap between jobs or leaving a job on bad terms, it’s best to be upfront about it.

Hiring managers appreciate honesty, and it can help avoid any surprises during the background check.

3. Stay in Touch with Your References:

If you listed people as references, give them a heads-up that HireRight might be contacting them.

Make sure they’re still reachable and willing to talk about your work experience.

It’s also a good idea to remind them about the specific jobs you had with them, so they’re prepared to answer questions.

4. Prepare for the Call:

If HireRight is going to contact your previous employers, it’s a good idea to be ready for it.

Brush up on your past job duties and accomplishments so you can talk about them if needed.

And if there were any special projects or achievements you were involved in, it’s worth mentioning them to your old boss, so they can highlight them if asked.

5. Stay Calm and Patient:

Background checks can take some time, so try to be patient while HireRight does their thing.

If you haven’t heard anything for a while, it’s okay to follow up politely with your new employer to see if there’s any news.

But remember, these things can sometimes take a bit of time, so try not to stress too much.


In conclusion, navigating the waters of a background check, especially with a company like HireRight, might seem daunting.

You may have asked yourself, “Does HireRight call previous employers?”

But fret not! Understanding the process and being prepared can help ease any anxiety.

Remember, HireRight’s job is simply to verify the facts, ensuring that your employment history, education, and other details align with what you’ve provided.

By following the tips provided, such as ensuring accuracy in your information, being honest about your past, and staying in touch with your references, you can pave the way for a smooth background check experience.

So take a deep breath, stay calm, and trust that you’ve got this!


Q1. Does HireRight call previous employers?

While HireRight may contact your past workplaces as part of a background check, it depends on the type of check requested by your new employer and the information they want verified.

Q2. What does HireRight verify?

HireRight verifies various aspects of your background, including employment history, education credentials, professional licenses, and in some cases, criminal records, based on the requirements of your new employer.

Q3. How does HireRight verify employment?

HireRight verifies employment by cross-referencing the information provided on your resume and application with data from your previous employers. They may use electronic systems for large companies or make direct calls to HR departments for smaller businesses.

Q4. What should I do to prepare for a HireRight background check?

To prepare for a HireRight background check, ensure that all the information on your resume and application is accurate, be honest about your past work experiences, stay in touch with your references, and be ready to discuss your job duties and accomplishments if needed.

Q5. How long does a HireRight background check take?

The duration of a HireRight background check can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the check requested and the responsiveness of your previous employers and references. It’s advisable to stay patient and follow up politely with your new employer if needed.

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