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Discover the truth: Does ActivTrak record audio? Uncover the answer here.

“Does ActivTrak Record Audio?” If you’re an employee worried about being listened to at work, you’re not alone

Many people are concerned about privacy when using monitoring software.

In this article, we will dive deep into this question to find out: Does ActivTrak record audio?

We’ll look at what the software does, what it doesn’t do, and how it affects your privacy.

Our goal is to give you clear and simple answers so you can feel more at ease about your work environment.

What Is ActivTrak?

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ActivTrak is a tool that helps companies understand how their employees spend their time at work.

It gives managers insights into what employees are doing on their computers, like which websites and apps they use.

This helps companies see how productive their workers are and find ways to improve efficiency.

ActivTrak is easy to use and doesn’t invade personal privacy, as it does not track keystrokes, emails, or personal devices.

Instead, it focuses on work-related activities, making it a helpful tool for both in-office and remote teams.

Does ActivTrak Record Audio?

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No, ActivTrak does not record your audio.

ActivTrak focuses only on monitoring what you do on your computer, like the websites and apps you use.

It does not listen to your conversations.

So, you can talk freely at work without worrying that your boss is listening.

Even if you want to send a voice note to your boss or a coworker, ActivTrak does not handle that.

For sending voice messages, you would need to use a different app that supports voice messaging, like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Why Doesn't ActivTrak Record Audio?

Understand workplace monitoring: Does ActivTrak use audio recording?

ActivTrak doesn’t record audio because their privacy policy clearly states they avoid methods like audio monitoring.

They believe it’s important to respect the privacy of employees.

Recording audio feels unethical because it invades personal space.

If employees thought their conversations were being recorded, they would feel uncomfortable and distracted.

They might worry about saying the wrong thing or feel like they are constantly being watched.

This can make it hard for them to focus on their work and be productive.

ActivTrak understands this and chooses not to record audio to make sure employees feel safe and respected while they work.

ActivTrak Alternatives To Record Audio

Discover the truth behind employee surveillance: Does ActivTrak record audio?

1. Teramind:

Teramind is a comprehensive employee monitoring software that offers audio recording among its features.

It allows employers to record and playback audio sessions from employee computers.

This can be useful for training purposes or to monitor customer interactions in customer service roles.

Teramind also provides other monitoring functionalities like keystroke logging and website tracking.

2. Veriato (formerly SpectorSoft):

Veriato offers powerful employee monitoring solutions that include audio recording.

Employers can listen to and record audio from employee computers to ensure compliance and enhance security.

This software is particularly useful for industries that require meticulous oversight of employee activities for regulatory purposes.

3. InterGuard:

InterGuard provides a suite of monitoring tools including audio recording capabilities.

It allows employers to monitor and record audio conversations from employee devices, providing insights into employee interactions and ensuring compliance with company policies.

InterGuard also offers features like screen capture and keystroke logging.

4. Work Examiner:

Work Examiner is another alternative that includes audio recording features.

Employers can record and review audio sessions from employee computers to monitor productivity and ensure adherence to company policies.

Work Examiner also offers functionalities such as website tracking and application usage monitoring.

5. ActivTrak Premium:

While the standard version of ActivTrak does not include audio recording, ActivTrak Premium offers an enhanced feature set that may include audio recording capabilities.

ActivTrak Premium is designed for organizations that require advanced monitoring functionalities beyond basic productivity tracking.

It provides comprehensive insights into employee activities while maintaining a focus on privacy and ethical monitoring practices.


In conclusion, “Does ActivTrak Record Audio?” is a question that concerns many employees navigating the realm of workplace monitoring.

ActivTrak, as we’ve explored, prioritizes employee privacy by focusing solely on monitoring computer activity without audio recording capabilities.

This approach ensures that your conversations remain private and your workspace feels secure.

While alternatives like Teramind, Veriato, InterGuard, and Work Examiner offer audio recording features for specific monitoring needs, ActivTrak’s commitment to ethical practices and respect for employee privacy sets it apart.

Whether you’re in an office or working remotely, understanding these distinctions empowers you to make informed decisions about workplace monitoring tools that best suit your needs and values.


Q1. Does ActivTrak record audio conversations or phone calls?

No, ActivTrak does not record audio. It focuses solely on monitoring computer activity such as websites and applications used by employees.

Q2. How does ActivTrak ensure employee privacy?

ActivTrak respects employee privacy by not tracking keystrokes, emails, or personal devices. It solely monitors work-related activities to enhance productivity without invading personal space.

Q3. Can ActivTrak monitor conversations conducted through voice messages or chat apps?

ActivTrak does not monitor or record voice messages or conversations through chat apps. For such functionalities, users would need to use separate communication platforms.

Q4. Are there any legal considerations with using ActivTrak in the workplace?

ActivTrak complies with privacy laws and regulations by focusing on transparent monitoring of work-related activities. Employers should still ensure compliance with local laws when implementing any monitoring software.

Q5. What are the alternatives if I need employee monitoring software that includes audio recording?

Alternatives like Teramind, Veriato, InterGuard, and Work Examiner offer audio recording capabilities for specific monitoring needs. These tools cater to industries requiring comprehensive oversight of employee activities, including audio monitoring.

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