FIXED: “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting”


How To Fix Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting?

Are you worried about the pesky “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error popping up on your screen?

You’re not alone in this frustration.

But fear not, because this article is here to save your day.

We’ll delve into what exactly this error entails, explore the reasons behind its occurrence, and most importantly, uncover the solutions to fix it.

So, sit tight and stay with me as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error.

What Is Bing Chat?

Unlock the secrets behind the "Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting" error and regain access to Bing Chat effortlessly.

So, you know about Bing Chat, right?

It’s this cool feature Microsoft rolled out in February 2023.

Basically, instead of typing your search queries into Bing, you can have a conversation with an AI chatbot.

It’s kinda like ChatGPT, using the same smart tech from OpenAI.

Using it is pretty easy: if you’re on Microsoft Edge, just click the Bing icon, ask your question, and boom!

You’ll get a quick response based on what’s on the web and the chatbot’s smarts.

You can even keep the convo going with follow-up questions to dig deeper into a topic.

And if you’re using Chrome, no worries, you can still access Bing Chat by heading to Bing’s site and clicking the “Chat” icon.

Sure, there are a few limits on how much you can chat, but overall, it’s a much friendlier and simpler experience compared to other chatbots like ChatGPT.

Understanding The Safesearch Setting In Bing Chat

Struggling with the "Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting" error? Get step-by-step guidance on fixing it right here.

Bing SafeSearch is basically a feature that helps filter out any inappropriate stuff from your search results. It’s like a safety net to keep things clean while you’re browsing. If you want to turn it on or off, it’s pretty easy:

  • First, go to in your web browser.
  • Then, click on the little menu icon up in the top right corner.
  • Next, choose “Settings” and then “More.”
  • You’ll see an option to set your SafeSearch preference. You can pick from Strict, Moderate, or Off.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, just hit “Save” at the bottom, and you’re all set.

Why "Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting" Error Occurs?

Alright, let’s dive into why you might be seeing that “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error message.

So, even though Bing Chat operates like a search engine, it’s fueled by AI technology, similar to how a search engine works.

When you ask a question, it understands your prompt and then scours the internet for the right info to give you an answer.

Now, here’s the catch: the reason you’re getting this error is likely due to your SafeSearch settings.

See, if your SafeSearch setting is set to “Strict,” it’s basically filtering out any adult content like text, images, or videos from your search results.

And here’s where it ties into Bing Chat: according to Bing AI content policy, Bing Chat can’t display any 18+, harmful, or violent content.

So, if your SafeSearch settings are on strict mode, it means Bing Chat won’t be able to show you certain content, thus resulting in that error message.

Simply put, if you’ve got strict SafeSearch settings, you won’t be able to use Bing Chat with your current account.

How To Solve "Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting" Error?

The only solution to get rid of the “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error is by adjusting your SafeSearch settings.

Why? Well, here’s the scoop: Bing Chat is programmed to adhere to certain content policies, meaning it can’t display certain types of content if your SafeSearch setting is on strict mode.

So, if you want to use Bing Chat without running into this error, you’ve gotta loosen up those SafeSearch settings.

It’s not ideal, but unfortunately, it’s the only way to make sure Bing Chat works smoothly without any interruptions.


In conclusion, dealing with the “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error might be frustrating, but now you know the solution.

By adjusting your SafeSearch settings to allow Bing Chat to function properly, you can enjoy a seamless chatting experience without interruptions.

Remember, Bing Chat operates under certain content policies, so loosening up those SafeSearch settings is necessary to access all its features.

While it might not be the most ideal solution, it’s the only way to ensure Bing Chat works smoothly and effectively.

So, go ahead and tweak those settings to unlock the full potential of Bing Chat’s AI-powered search capabilities.


Q1. What is the “Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current Safesearch Setting” Error?

This error message appears when your SafeSearch settings are too strict, preventing Bing Chat from displaying certain content.

Q2. Why can’t I use Bing Chat with strict SafeSearch settings?

Bing Chat follows content policies that prohibit the display of 18+, harmful, or violent content, which may be filtered out by strict SafeSearch settings.

Q3. How do I adjust my SafeSearch settings to fix the error?

To resolve the error, you can adjust your SafeSearch settings to “Moderate” or “Off” in the Bing settings menu.

Q4. Can I still use Bing Chat with other SafeSearch settings?

Yes, you can use Bing Chat with “Moderate” or “Off” SafeSearch settings, allowing you to access its full features without encountering the error.

Q5. Is adjusting SafeSearch settings the only solution?

Yes, adjusting SafeSearch settings is the only solution to resolve the error and ensure smooth functionality of Bing Chat.

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